My New Blog

A long while back I started a blog that was all about cooking.  I had finished culinary arts school and cooking was a huge part of my life.  I am a very creative person and it took a long time to find creative outlets that fit my life well.  I love cooking so much because there are endless creative possibilities and it is so functional, after all, everyone has to eat.  Due to this cooking and eating I found myself heavier than I would have liked, so my blog became all about my journey to a healthier lifestyle and following my moral compass.  Since I was a child, I have always loved animals and never liked eating meat.  I was never allowed to be a vegetarian, but always wanted to be.  I decided that it was time to be true to myself and finally make the leap.  I became Vegan, and my blog followed as a vegan cooking blog.  Life was great.  I had lost all the weight I wanted to, was training for a marathon, and discovered one of the greatest forms of exercise around. . . Swimming!  With all this healthy eating and great physical conditioning my husband and I just couldn’t help ourselves and I became pregnant.  Shortly after finding out that I was pregnant, I made the decision to become an ovo-lacto vegetarian so I could be sure that the baby was getting everything he needed.  My blog once again transformed into a vegetarian cooking/pregnancy blog.  My nesting instinct was very strong, and I started knitting and crocheting for many hours a day working to get everything ready for the baby.  I always knew how to knit, but knitting for a baby has made it something that I love so much.  Once again the blog morphed a little more into a vegetarian cooking/pregnancy/knitting/sewing blog.  The baby was born and parenting posts were thrown into the mix.  I love my old blog, but I really feel that with all the changes it is time to break free and start fresh with this new blog.  So here it is, my new cooking/knitting/crochet/sewing/parenting/whatever else I want to say blog.


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