Another Month Down

My post about the first month of breastfeeding had such a wonderful feedback (see post below).  I can’t believe how many other women experienced the same thing but never shared their stories.  What was wonderful about the comments was I felt like it was a small support group.  So thanks everyone for the feedback!  Today Dylan is 2 months old and I’d like to share my experiences from this month.

Whoever said “if you can make it through the first month, then you’re set” was absolutely right.  Once we hit the one month mark something just clicked and every feeding was peaceful and relaxed.  Gone were the days where I was so tired and trying to help a small baby with no head control to latch properly.  I no longer had to do the “lower lip flip” (lifesaver, btw). 

At around 6 weeks we moved the rocking chair from the bedroom into the front room.  I did this so I could watch TV while feeding him during the day and so I would have to learn side lying position at night.   Now that we can breastfeed easily in bed, I wake up to him moving his head back and forth (not completely awake yet) and pull him close.  He latches on and we both drift back to sleep.  I get such better rest this way. 

Suddenly feeding him in public was easier as well.  I have nursed him in the strangest places and we are constantly improving our discreetness.  I don’t even use a cover any more.  Today I was feeding him while we were waiting in the pharmacy. My husband who was sitting next to me was unaware that we were breastfeeding.  He looked at the baby, did a double take and smiled.  We have been going out so much more, which I really enjoy.  Dylan also enjoys getting out and seeing new things.

It’s said that all you need is your baby, your breasts and your arms.  While this is true, there are some products I bought that have made our breastfeeding relationship so much easier. 

1. My Brest Friend nursing pillow.  Boppy doesn’t offer the same support and there’s no comparison in the two items.  Seriously, this is the best $45 I have ever spent.

2. Breast Shells and Lanolin.  The first two weeks or so my nipples were incredibly sore.  The baby also has a tongue tie which was much tighter right after birth causing them to be even more sore.  Applying Lansinoh after feedings and then putting breast shells in my bra were a lifesaver.  I would feel better before the next feeding.  There are shells that draw out flat and inverted nipples and also shells that help with sore nipples by keeping clothing off of them.  

3.  Books for Reference.  I think this is a personal thing, but my two favorites were “Dr. Sears Breastfeeding Book” and “The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding”.

4. Educated Myself.  I think this was the most important thing I did.  Before the baby had arrived I was so determined to be successful at breastfeeding I read countless books.  I joined my local La Leche League and created a network of people I could call in case something went wrong.  I never had to call anyone, but the feeling of knowing help was there when I most needed it gave me so much confidence. 

Dr. Sears says that breastfeeding is a confidence game and he’s absolutely right.  If you think you can do it, you can.  If you don’t have any confidence in yourself then you could very well fail. 

What a wonderful month it has been.  Dylan is so much more active and alert, he smiles and laughs more everyday!  I’m really enjoying this part of his babyhood.

*I was not paid or compensated in any way for the products listed in this blog post.  I am recommending them because of personal experience.

2 months!

2 month stats: 14 lbs- 90th percentile, 23 inches long- 50th percentile.  The boy loves to eat!


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5 responses to “Another Month Down

  1. Mallory

    I am so glad it is going better for you! With my second it was like I picked up where I left off with Brody or something. So glad I didn’t have any of the first month struggles. Dylan is such a cute little guy, and you are such a good mommy!

  2. kudos to you for the perseverance there truly is no food for babies more perfect than mothers milk!

  3. I definitely want to breast feed. I hope I can be off my meds so that I can. I would totally hang in there and get through it.. a month? Phew, gonna try! 🙂

  4. Mandy Bradshaw

    Hey, great post! I remember my mom asking me about week one how long I was planning on breastfeeding (it was a kind question, she was excited I could do it) and I remember saying: For today. I can’t think long term, so I am doing it today and tomorrow I will do it for another day. It took me about a month to be able to look beyond a day and then by 3 months….I was converted.

  5. Lansinoh lansinoh lansinoh. Mmmm. I wish I’d known about it before my nipples cracked ….. But it was good afterwards anyway.


    Yep, persistence and confidence is the key, I think you’re right.

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