Why I love Cloth Diapering

Happily Domestic hosts “Fluff Talk Thursdays” on her blog.  Until now I either wasn’t yet using cloth diapers because I was still pregnant and more recently too busy with the little guy actually using the cloth diapers.  Every week she has a new topic, but today I’m not going to be following her topic.  Instead to start out my weekly tradition of blogging about cloth diapers, I’m going to say why I love them so much.

Dylan LOVES diaper changes.  When we were using disposables during the first week, he hated them.  He would scream and scream and it really uspet me.  Once we switched to cloth, he turned into a completely different baby.  Maybe it’s because I love changing his diaper now and he senses my attitude towards it.  Maybe he just loves cloth himself.  Maybe it’s a bit of both.  I really hope this never changes, but  I realize it probably will so I’m enjoying our sweet moments during diaper changes right now.

It’s easy!  Our diaper system consists primarily of prefolds and wool covers.  Prefolds are harder than say All in Ones or Pockets, but seriously it’s a diaper change, not rocket science!  Once I got my folding technique down things really became simple.  

No more swishing! Gone are the days when diapers had to be dunked and swished in the toilet. Exclusively breastfed babies don’t have to have their diapers rinsed off, you can throw them straight into the washer.  Once the baby starts eating solid foods you do have to rinse, but there are toilet showers you can attach to your toilet and it makes rinsing a breeze.

Diapering on the go is simple.  We have a few pocket diapers we use when we go out and diaper changes are as simple and quick as disposables.  I keep a waterproof bag in the diaper bag and put the soiled diapers in there until I get home.  That sounds like more work than it is.

Cloth Diapering is Modernized.  I was so surprised when I started my research on cloth diapering.  There are so many neat types of diapers you can buy!  No more pins!  Do some research yourself and you will be surprised as well.

Save Money.  The average child goes through $2000 in disosable diapers and wipes through their diapering lifetime.  I spent about $300 on my diapering system and I can use it on multiple children.  I change him twice as much because I don’t worry about the cost.  I know if we were using disposables and he pooped right after a diaper change I would think “Well there goes 25 cents!”  With cloth it doesn’t matter because it’s just put in the pail with the other soiled diapers and it’s reused after I’ve done the laundry.

It’s what’s best.  I believe in reusing as much as possible.  It’s our responsibility to take care of the Earth, but as a species we are so wasteful!  Cloth diapering is environmentally friendly.  It’s also best for baby.  No harsh chemicals or “magic crystals” to absorb the wetness.  Just all natural materials right up against baby’s most sensitive area.  Diaper rashes occur less frequently and with less intensity.

I’ve only listed a few things I love about it.  I have so much to say about them, which is why I’ll be doing a weekly post.  I love cloth diapering!!!

Ruby Red Haute Pockets

Prefold and wool cover.



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3 responses to “Why I love Cloth Diapering

  1. That belly!!!! I just want to kiss him!!! 🙂 So cute!

  2. Thank you! Gosh those diapers are so damn cute.

    I whole-heartedly agree. There is no such thing as too much garlic or boobs haha.

  3. Oh my goodness – he has grown soooo much!! Huge big lovely healthy looking belly…

    I’m still loving my cloth nappies (diapers) too. They are so much nicer on the skin. And the washing etc is something I almost enjoy doing. Sounds weird, but there is 10 minutes in every second day where I go into a trance as I put the nappies out in the sun to dry on our deck on the portable clothes rack….


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