Monkey Mahem

I bought Susan B. Anderson’s newest knitting book at the end of October while waiting for the baby to be born.  I have had so many other projects going on I didn’t have a chance to make anything out of it.  After months of lusting after all the projects, my fingers itching to make another knit toy, I finally finished my first project from the book last night.  I decided to start with “A New Sock Monkey” because I have a special place in my heart for monkeys.   He was named by my husband, every time I would talk about the monkey, he would say “Monkey Mahem” in one of many of his silly voices. 

Monkey Mahem

I want to make every single toy in the book.  I have made a goal to use up all of my yarn stash before buying any more yarn and I think toys would be perfect for using the last of the skeins.

In other knitting news, I had to throw out my really cute knitting bag.  Someone (me) put an apple in there months ago and it went bad.  There was no way to clean it up.  I was so sad, I hope my cute knitting bag rests in peace.  I have learned my lesson about leaving fruit places and forgetting about it.


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2 responses to “Monkey Mahem

  1. Really cute monkey! How long did it take?


    • It took me about a week to knit it. But I’ve been excessively busy with everything and have a hard time finding time to knit. Toys are usually a pretty quick knit.

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