Cloth Wipes

I’m a day late with this because yesterday I was having one of those days.  You know the kind; screaming baby, housework piled up, dogs begging to go outside, ect. ect.  Anyway, here’s my Fluff Talk Thursday post for this week.

I’ve been excited for this topic because cloth wipes are my favorite part of cloth diapering.  It sounds silly, but it really is my favorite.  While doing research about cloth diapering, I didn’t give much thought to how I was going to wipe the bum.  I guess I just figured I would use disposable wipes and didn’t realize that you could use cloth.  After a Fluff Talk Thursday topic Happily Domestic posted about the wipes, I started my research about them.

I can’t recall how I came up with my wipes, probably a mixture of ideas I had read.  I decided to make my own.  They are 6″ X 6″ square.  One side is flannel and the other side is terry.  I stitched and turned the fabric, the top stitched and stitched an X through the top so it would all stay together.  I used lots of leftover flannel that I had.  The patterns are so cute I really think it adds to my love of the wipes.

I love cloth wipes for many reasons.  First of all, the solution smells fabulous.  Second, they really get all the poop off but gently.  Disposable wipes don’t at all.  I have to use several to get everything off.  With the cloth, I wet a corner on the terry side, get the bum wet, then flip it over and pat the bum dry with the flannel side. 

I have tried many wipe solutions and found a wonderful website that has loads of recipes for different solutions.  The site is called Zany Zebra Designs.  Not only does the website have wipe solution recipes, but it has wonderful information about cloth diapers in general.

The wipe solution I choose to use most of the time is great because I already have the supplies.

Lotion Potion

1 cup warm water

1 Tbsp baby oil

1 Tbsp liquid baby soap

1 Tbsp baby lotion

3 drops lavender essential oil

I added the essential oil to the recipe because lavender is my favorite scent.  It’s so calming.  I think I would like to use lavender scented baby products for this sometime, but maybe it would be overkill on the scent.  I’ll have to try and see.

Another thing I like about the cloth wipes is that they make wonderful doulbers for inside the prefold diaper.  My baby is a heavy wetter and the urine soaks through without an insert.  When he gets bigger I will have to make new inserts but they work perfectly for now.

My cloth wipes



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3 responses to “Cloth Wipes

  1. Adorable and so useful! Thanks for sharing. These are on list to make too.


  2. Nat

    Cute wipes! I made my own wipes (mostly) when my kiddos were in diapers. I loved it. I actually used the same recipe–minus the lavender. I never made my wipes; I just used a wash cloth. Good thinking on the flannel. I did soak some paper towels in the wipe solution (kept in a Ziploc bag) to keep in the car. Sometimes you get a sticky toddler or have another wipe emergency, so they came in handy.

  3. shareleann

    Thanks for the great idea!! I never thought to use cloth wipes. I will have to try it.

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