Yarn Rant

I feel I have reached a turning point in my knitting career.  Up to this point I have been basically using craft store quality yarn.  There are several reasons for this.

1. I’ve considered myself to be a beginner and don’t feel like investing in luxurious yarns if I’m just going to screw the project up.

2. I’m insanely frugal and can’t bring myself to spent a lot of money on anything for myself.  I can’t pass up a good bargain either.

I found some clearanced yarn at Hobby Lobby about 4 years ago.  I bought so many spools of this fingering weight crochet thread and haven’t found a use for it yet.  Itty Bitty toys has a wonderful section on sock-yarn toys and I was excited to finally use some of this huge stash.  I started making the Hippo, but I ran out of the yarn.  The reason it was on clearance is because it’s discontinued!!!  My poor Hippo had a body, head, 2 arms, no legs, no ears and no tail.  I had made some serious mistakes on it too, so I ended up just chucking the whole project.  The yarn sucked and the project was a flop because of it.

After using 100% merino wool for making the soakers, I fell in love with knitting with natural fibers.  I can’t hardly stand to use acrylic yarn anymore.  The majority of my stash is Vanna’s Choice which is nice for acrylic yarn.  I look at it and I get frustrated because I don’t want to use it for anything! 

I’ve been to the local yarn store (LYS) a few times, but I get frustrated because the yarn is so much more expensive than the same yarn anywhere else.  Unfortunately it’s the only LYS in a few hundred mile radius.  I always end up leaving empty handed.

I went to the LYS a few months ago and bought some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino to make a tam for my Mom’s birthday.  This is by far the most visually and texturally appealing project I have made.  The yarn was such a pleasure to work with.  It was more expensive but it really was worth it.

Lace Tam

 There’s no reason for me to be frugal anymore so today I decided to go to the LYS and just buy whatever I wanted and as much as I wanted.  I had every intention of buying several hundred dollars worth of yarn.  

With several projects in mind, I walked into the shop.  My mind totally went blank. I couldn’t remember a single project!  After scanning the yarn for a minute they started coming back to me.  OK, I want to make the Giraffe from Itty Bitty Toys.  Can’t find the right colors.  Ok, how about the cotton Bunny and Pig?  Can’t find the right yarn.  Star Crossed Beret?  Ugh!   Again, no yarn!   I kept going back to the sock yarn and ended up buying a few balls that really spoke to me.  They are all self-striping and all the socks in my queue are either lacy or cabled and would look better with solid colors.

Anyway, I came home and added the yarn to my stash on Ravelry only to find out the yarn I loved so much wasn’t even fingering weight!  This yarn was in the wrong section at the shop and the owner told me it was sock yarn.  This is the second time this has happened to me at this LYS.  Another skein has no tag, I don’t know the weight or yardage, how did I even end up with it?  This LYS is so messy and unorganized and the shop owner is a huge yarn snob, making me feel inferior for buying yarn anywhere else.   The selection is very poor and also quite weird. 

I want to buy nice yarn.  I long to have Rowan, Blue Sky Alpacas, Cascade 220 and other designer yarns in my stash, but this LYS doesn’t have it.  I’m moving very soon anyway so hopefully the LYS in Fort Walton Beach will have a good selection.

I know the answer for me is to order from KnitPicks.com.  I love online shopping anyway and this way no one will look down on me for having a baby strapped to me and both being covered in spit up.  I love that Knit Picks is straight forward with the weight and yardage of their yarns.  The yarns aren’t designer or name brand but because of that it is so much less expensive.  I can’t wait to get down to Florida and make my order with them and start making some higher quality projects.  Until then I will be making a few pair of socks with the yarn I actually did buy.



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4 responses to “Yarn Rant

  1. shareleann

    I live in FT Walton Beach, but i am still fairly new. I’d love to discover a fabulous yarn store with you & maybe get a a lesson on making socks from ya!
    Look me up!

  2. Beautiful present for your mom. I think she will love it, I know I would.

    Good luck with your move,

  3. Marilyn

    I feel guilty not buying from my LYS, but I don’t like spending so much for yarn either. I LOVE Knitpicks.com and have not been disappointed by any of the yarns I’ve bought from them. So….I try to mix it up some – buy a couple projects from LYS and then a couple from Knitpicks. Makes me feel better….. I guess I’m ranting too. :o)

    • I think you should try yarn.com (WEBs). They have a great selection including Blue Sky Alpaca, Spud and Chloe, Cascade 220 and much much more. They also give you discounts based on how much you spend and their prices are great anyways. Yarn purchased from here is much cheaper than I can buy it for in any of my local stores (and few even carry what I want so I know how you feel there). I don’t work at WEBs, I just love it! Love your blog too. Always very informative.

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