Weekend Progress

Well.  What a weekend for knitting.  I cast on my February Lady Sweater for the Ravelympics during the opening ceremonies.  That went well and the project was flying off the needles. I was so excited!  The next day I had a fussy baby and didn’t get to my goal.  Sunday again a VERY fussy baby.  At the end of the night I was sliding the stitches on the cabled needle and the cable broke!  My project fell on the floor and I had to rip it back pretty far.  I lost my whole days work.  Today I fixed the problem and started knitting again.  I hit a wall and we had to leave the house so I could recover my creativity and desire to continue this project.  A trip to the bookstore and browsing through knitting books and magazines was just what I needed to feel better.  We got home and I quickly began working on my project again.  FUSSY FUSSY baby.  He has been screaming so hard.  I hate it when he gets to the point where he stops breathing.  Why can’t I just work on my sweater?  I want to finish it in time.  I suppose I shouldn’t have chose such a large project with a small baby and also in the middle of a move.  I have a whole week left of nothing going on… I can do this, I just need the baby to cooperate!


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  1. Keep working at it! I had a similar experience this weekend (no baby, but a broken zephyr needle and working from a really bad pattern). I lost a whole days work as well (giving up on the bad pattern). I think knitting under pressure is not a good way to knit. Good luck with your sweater. I know this week will be better.

    PS. Thanks for adding my blog to your blogroll!

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