Handwashing Diapers

I know what you’re thinking of when you read the title of the post, “Why on earth would someone handwash their cloth diapers?”  Before you cast judgement, hear me out.

Because of a unique situation, we had our household goods shipped earlier than normal, leaving us without a washer and dryer.  First of all, I know you’re wondering why I continue to use cloth diapers without a washer and dryer.  It turns out that our baby is very sensitive and cloth diapers are best for his little bum.  And I love them.

So why don’t I take them to a laundromat?  I tried that a few times and came across some problems.  The nearest laundromat is over 20 miles away.  When we did take them there all the buildup of detergents in the machines caused a buildup to accumulate on my diapers. 

I like to read the articles on the Zany Zebra website about cloth diapering.  I came across this article a while ago and stayed open minded about the possibility of handwashing diapers.  It turns out it’s not bad at all, the most difficult part of handwashing is wringing them out.

How I hand wash my diapers, step by step.

1. Rinse soiled diapers with cold water (sink sprayer is what I used)

2. Fill the bathtub with hot water and one scoop of Charlie’s soap.

3. I add about 3 tea kettles of boiling water

4. Add diapers and stir around.  I used the end of a mop.

5. I bought a washboard just for fun and it worked really well.  However I realize these aren’t usually readily available, so you can scrub the diapers clean on themselves.

6. When all the diapers and wipes are clean, drain tub.  Fill up with warm water, stir around and drain again.

7. Wring them out!  I step on them until I can get all the water out, then pick them up and twist until no more drops of water come out.  This step is quite important because it’s what helps the diapers dry in a reasonable amount of time.

8. Hang to dry.  If it’s sunny outside, use the clothesline, if not, you can hang them around your house.

So now if you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to hand wash, you will have a basic idea of how to do it.  You can never really know until you try and you may find it’s not really that big of a deal!



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5 responses to “Handwashing Diapers

  1. i would be the type that “bought a wahboard just for fun” also, we might be the only ones though….

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  3. Thanks for the tips! I am taking part in the Flats and Handwashing Challenge May 23-30 and I had no clue how to handwash!

  4. So happy to run into your blog post. I use a washboard to clean my cloth diapers and I must admit it is nice to see someone else doing it. I am hand washing due to personal choice and the situation calls for it, bookmarked this page thanks!

  5. ruthk3

    My first baby is due in October and I’m not sure if we will have a washer and dryer at first so this has helped me a ton! Thank you!!

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