A new day!

Well, we’re here and finally settled.  I will be blogging more I hope. 

Today I finally started my postpartum diet/ exercise program.  I’m only a few pounds away from my prepregnancy weight, but I had gained a few pounds just before pregnancy.  I also want to lose 5 pounds more than that, so I have 13 pounds I would like to lose.  Honestly my body right now is a million times better than it was 2 years ago so if I never lose the weight it doesn’t really bother me. 

For my diet I am going vegan again.  I will not call myself vegan because I love honey and I love knitting with wool.  Taking wool from a knitter is like pulling teeth! 

Anyway, I’m going on a high raw, low sodium vegan diet and omitting all white sugars.   Honey, pure maple syrup, and agave nectar will be used in it’s place.  So, no meat (obviously), dairy, eggs, or white sugar.  I am going to do my best to take white flour out as well and use whole wheat flour and other grains too.

I plan to keep this up for 8 weeks and re-evaluate the situation then. 

I joined a gym today.  I chose this gym because their childcare facilites are amazing.  I was quite nervous leaving the baby for the first time.  When I left he was all smiles and when I came back an hour later he was sleeping in one of the teacher’s arms.  They said he fussed a little before he fell asleep, but that’s normal.  I’m so relieved, the whole time I was working out I was pretty distracted because I was so worried about how he was doing.  Tomorrow will be much better.

I bought 3 new cookbooks last week.  “Vegan Planet”, “Fresh From the Vegetarian Slowcooker”, and “Moosewood Collective: Lowfat Favorites”.  I had been borrowing the Moosewood one and the Slowcooker one from the library right before we moved so I’m very familiar with these two.  “Vegan Planet” is brand new to me and I’m very excited about it.  I made my first raw smoothie from a recipe in this book today and it was awesome! 

I plan to blog about my cleansing/ weight loss experience weekly.  So here’s to a new day!


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  1. i lost wieght when i went vegan, i think its mostly from staying away from dairy …and ALLLLL the good stuff that has dairy ingredients:) lately i have also cut way down on “white” foods.oh and also when i started using progesterone cream i lost five pounds:)that was about three months ago. ttyl

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