Felted Teething Rings

My friend Melissa at Knitting A Baby wrote a pattern for Felted Teething Rings and I volunteered to be a test knitter.  This was a fantastic pattern, very well written, a quick knit, and very rewarding to see my teething baby playing with them.  He just loves shoving them in his mouth, lol!

It was my first felted project and I had to hand felt it since we are without a washing machine.  I filled the sink with hot soapy water, and rubbed it all over my washboard.  It felted almost instantly.  I really enjoyed this project even though I had difficulty in finding time to knit because, well, he’s teething!!



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3 responses to “Felted Teething Rings

  1. cute, and a good alternative to plastic, for sure

  2. The pattern will be posted on my blog(www.knittingababy.blogspot.com) and on Ravelry in the next few days. Thanks for test knitting Janelle, you did a great job!

  3. What a great idea!! 🙂 And super cute, too. 🙂

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