Week 1; a review

I have successfully completed the first of 8 weeks for my cleanse.  I have to say, this week was just amazing.  I don’t know if it was working out again and getting all those endorphins, or going vegan, but I felt great.  We had some wonderful food this week, I can’t believe none of it had any animal product in it.

I honestly think most of it was taking the animal product out of my diet.  I was vegan prepregnancy and during that time I felt great too.  I didn’t go all out vegan this first week though.  My husband is into chocolate making and he made his first truffles.  He infused the cream with coffee and it was TO DIE FOR!!  He’s such an amazing chocolatier.  I know it isn’t the best to stuff your face with homemade truffles while on a cleanse diet, but hey, what can you do?

I attended a yoga class this week.  It was great and I was more flexible than I thought I was going to be.  So I didn’t make a total ass of myself, lol.  I have been to a few yoga classes where I did.  My gym rocks, childcare has been great and the baby has just loved it.  I love my hour a day of alone time. 

This week has been the beginning of something wonderful.


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