A Connection

Today while walking the pugs I saw a squirrel.  She approached me, and we met at eye level about 3 feet apart.  She stood up on a branch and I noticed she was lactating.  She was very interested in the baby who was outward facing in the Sleepy Wrap.  We stared at each other for a good 10 minutes.  I started walking away and she followed me by jumping from limb to limb along the tree line.  At the end of the trees we stopped and looked at each other again.  I said goodbye and we went inside.

I have been thinking about this experience all day.  I LOVE squirrels.  My husband and I love watching them leap across the road and into the trees.  We always yell “SQUIRREL” as they do this.  Today was different though.  I felt a connection with her.  We’re both experiencing the same thing right now by taking care of our young.  My experience today made a profound emotional impression on me.  It’s really hard to put into words.

I love breastfeeding.  I love writing about it.  I hope by doing so I’m not being pushy or coming off as stuck up about it.  I think whatever works for you and your family is what’s best.  If that’s not breastfeeding, then that’s fine.  I just like to write about it because it’s what I’m most proud of in my life.

Also today on my walk I met another (human) mother.  Her babies are all in school now and she misses when they were small.  She told me to enjoy every moment of babyhood because it passes too quickly.  This got me thinking, and I am sure that I am enjoying it to it’s fullest.  I get to bond with him by feeding him the most natural and cuddly way possible.  I wear him almost every waking moment of his.  We take baths everynight together, enjoying skin to skin contact.  At night we sleep close together and cuddle for hours.  When he gets hungry I just help him latch on and we both drift back to sleep so content.  He gets to eat as much and as often as he wishes.  I’m sure this has been the reason my milk flows so freely for him.  We haven’t had any issues with milk supply.

During our move I came to the conclusion that for him, home is where the milk is.  He was never insecure about our surroundings even though they were constantly changing.  He never missed anything as long as he was with me.   This is a pic of us in a motel room during our trip.  I just adore this picture.


I’ve just been thinking about the way we do things today.  I’m not trying to brag or be preachy, just saying that I know I won’t have any regrets.  I’ll look back with the fondest of memories.  I am so happy with the way we do things in our family.  And it makes me so happy that we do things similar to the mama squirrel, just the way nature intended.



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3 responses to “A Connection

  1. Tara

    How’s Florida? Your little guy is so adorable! Send me an e-mail sometime, I’d love to catch up with you!

  2. Marie Sacco

    I am intrigued with the white baby sweater that is in the upper area of your blog/website. I would love to have the pattern. Can you tell me where to find it? Thank you so much. PS: cute baby!!!!

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