A Tale of Pocket Diapers

I wanted to try out a few pocket diapers when I discovered how inconvenient it is to fold a prefold diaper in the back of the car.  There were several things I needed in pocket diapers.

First, they needed to be one size, so I could continuously use them until potty training.

They needed to be able to be washed on hot.  I did not want to wash them seperately than my other diapers and wipes.

They needed to have snaps instead of a hook and loop closure.  I met a mama in my old LLL group who advised buying with snaps.  She only used pockets and bought them with hook and loop.  After a year of wear, the closures started fraying and not holding the diaper closed any more.  She repaired her own diapers by adding snap closures to them.  I took her advice seriously.

Finding a pocket diaper with all this criteria is difficult.  I stumbled upon Happily Domestic’s blog and she had reviewed a brand called Haute Pockets.  She raved about them, saying they were her favorite diapers ever.  This brand met all my requirements.

I searched online for where to buy this brand of diapers.  I came upon a website called The Green Nursery.  I ordered 4 of this brand and 3 dozen standard sized prefolds because he was quickly outgrowing the infant sized ones.

On New Years Eve my package arrived.  I was SO excited!  I ripped open the box and played with my new toys for a while before washing them.  The next day we went out and I packed my diaper bag with them.  They worked so wonderfully while we were out and about!  I was so happy with my purchase.

Ruby Red Haute Pockets, 2 months old

Not 6 weeks later I was at a Dr. Appointment when the baby’s diaper blew out.  It was SO bad, like he didn’t have a diaper on at all.  I didn’t pack an extra set of clothes because this had never happened before.  So I took my bare baby into the Dr. office in the middle of winter.  I was so embarrassed.

When I got home I looked closely at the diaper.  The elastic on the leg had broken and so there was no protection.  I figured it was just something wrong with that diaper and continued using the other 3.  This same incedent happend again, twice more.  By now I had learned and began packing an extra outfit with us.  How could 3 of my 4 pocket diapers have done this?

I contacted the company I bought them from and told them my tragic tale.  The next day customer service called me.  They said they tried contacting the manufacturer but they had gone out of business and were no longer honoring their warranty.  He asked me what I wanted to do.  I didn’t know so he offered to send me 3 new pocket diapers to replace my ruined ones.  I didn’t want the same brand so he sent me 3 Smarti Pants brand pockets, and this brand also had all the same requirements I wanted. 

These new diapers are great.  They are way better than the Haute Pockets brand.  The insert comes out in the wash and you don’t need to remove it before you throw it in the pail.  That was a pain with the others.  No one likes digging out a wet or poopy insert.  These new diapers fit trimmer under clothes.  The others were quite bulky.  Both these new features have made diapering on the go so great.  In my very honest opinion I give these 5 stars.  

4 months old, in Smarti Pants

The kind people at The Green Nursery didn’t have to do this for me.  I feel bad that they lost some money by trying to keep a customer.  Because of this kind thing they did for me, I am a forever customer of theirs.  In fact, I recently bought and Ergo Organic brand baby carrier from them.  I will review this shortly, but I’ve only had it for a week and want to wait to give it an honest review.

I also purchased a 5 pack of Smarti Pants inserts.  These work great for night time!  I do love this brand of diaper.  I highly recommend these diapers, and this company.  I am a very happy customer.

I’ve been using the standard sized prefolds for about 2 months now.  They are made of unbleached Indian cotton.  I mainly use them with the wool covers, and I’m still changing diapers 10+ times a day.  They are a true workhorse of diapers, they hold everything in very well.  They are super absorbent, and very very soft even when line dried.  They come very clean, even when handwashed. 

I also no longer read Happily Domestic’s blog.  After going back to her blog and reading it again she had recieved a bunch of free diapers from them so she would give them a good review.  I did not recieve any free diapers, just replacements that I am much happier with.



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7 responses to “A Tale of Pocket Diapers

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  2. so interesting. loved the shop you recommended.

  3. Mallory

    How nice of them to give you replacements, and awesome that they are working out for you! I have been meaning to refer you to a girl I know. She does cloth diapering and recently started making her own, if you are interested, you can go to my blog and click on Carly and Jeremy and just scroll down to find the post about making your own. I love the yellow diaper on Dylan! So dang cute, not really interested in washing diapers, lol, but they sure are cute!

  4. Thanks for the review…I’ve been looking at Smartipants but haven’t tried them yet. I have a few Bum Genius that I don’t even use that often and the touch tape is totally shot on them…so snaps are the way to go!!

  5. Kate

    The customer service people at The Green Nursery are really nice and the selection of products is great.

    @Sara, I’ve been using BumGenius 3.0s for almost a year now and about two months ago bought some Smartipants (from The Green Nursery in fact) because they were recommended as a cheaper alternative to the BumGenius. I do like them but they have some real disadvantages imo.

    The major issue is that the insert is a lot smaller than the BumGenius insert and therefore a lot less absorbent. If I put my son down for a nap in the Smartipants and he sleeps for more than about 2 hours he usually wakes up soaked! With the BumGenius he can easily go twice that long with no problem.

    This is relatively minor but I’m not crazy about the fact that when you stuff the diaper the insert is sticking out the ends of the pocket, even on the largest setting. When you actually put the diaper on it gets pulled inside the pocket as the diaper stretches but I’m not sure how this would work on a smaller setting.

    The Smartipants also have only one row of snaps to close them which reduces my ability to fine tune the fit. The wings do have the ability to overlap which probably makes it easier to fit a tiny baby but right now on my little guy they’re a little too tight if I snap them on the smallest setting (but not overlapping) and when I move the snap on one side out one setting they’re a little too loose.

    Unless you’re really stuck on pocket diapers I would recommend the comparably priced Flip over the Smartipants. They don’t have a pocket but the insert is like a BumGenius insert with the material they make the pockets out of on one side to keep the baby dry (they also have disposable inserts which are great for traveling). All you have to do is lay the insert in the shell and snap it on your baby. The shells for the Flip also have two rows of snaps which, as I said, I prefer for fine tuning the fit. My son is slender with chunky legs (probably because he never stops moving) so I put the top snaps one setting smaller than the lower snaps so it’s snug around his waist but not too tight on his thighs.

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  7. It’s hard to choose. I know we chatted about this via notes a while ago (but I couldn’t find the comment to reply when I tried, another story…).

    I use a few kinds and they work well for different things – I read the advice to try a few kinds and I think it’s a good option – then you can try and work out what works for you.. I’ve found that over time some work better than others as his body shape and poo-consistency and all that changes, and so one that wasn’t so great earlier is now fantastic and visa versa. The only pain with this is that it’s postage charges etc with ordering a few kinds. But where I am, in Australia, there are a few shops that stock a bunch of kinds and you can mix and match and still get a bit of a multi-buy discount.

    I too love my all-in-ones and snaps, easy to use on the go (yes, as long as you’ve prefolded, snapped or stuffed) and cute looking too. People often comment on how cute Poogie’s ‘pants’ are, I think not even realising it’s actually his nappy/diaper.

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