Week 4 goals

I’ve completed 3 of 8 weeks on my cleanse diet.  I’ve lost 3 pounds, a steady pound a week.

I did well this week, I didn’t eat random sweets like I had been doing.  I kept my goal of drinking a gallon of water a day, but I didn’t write down all my meals.  I’m having a hard time tracking and counting calories.  I eat a lot, and I get hungry a lot.  Baby’s still exclusively breastfed so he’s getting everything he needs from me.  I’m steadily losing weight so I’m not going to cut any more calories.  I’m eating a strict vegetarian diet so I’m making really healthy choices for my meals. 

Last week I had a hard time with dinner because I kept forgetting to plan a menu.  That will be my goal this week: Plan a menu and stick to it! 

Taking out all white sugars has been great.  I’ve been putting Agave Nectar in my morning drink.  I’ve fallen in love with tea again, this from a huge coffee fanatic.  I found this product at the store that’s Chai tea concentrate.  I just mix equal parts of soymilk and the concentrate and heat.  The soymilk foams up and it’s a latte!  Hooray!  I am loving this and so is my husband.

When we first moved to the south we discovered sweet tea.  We’ve had it in our house since then.  I recently discovered you can buy iced tea bags with green tea instead of black tea.  I’ve been brewing this instead and I just love it!  I’m not sweetening it and who knew unsweetened tea could taste so great?  If we do want it sweetened we add Agave nectar to the cold glass and it mixes really well even in cold drinks. 

I bought a Sam’s Club size package of kiwi fruit.  It’s 3 pounds!  I love kiwi and I’m excited to be eating it so freely this week.  I set it on the counter and sort of forgot it was there.  When I went back in the kitchen for some reason I thought it was a box of donuts.  I was thinking, “Ooh, I miss donuts.” then it hit me, it’s the kiwis!  I was so excited again.  I would much rather have kiwis than donuts.

Today is the beginning of week 4.  It’s been a good day so far.  I woke up early and washed a load of diapers, went to Zumba class, and when I got home I was able to catch up on all the housework. 

My goals for this week: Take things as they come.  Baby’s been very moody, I hope he gets back to his normal self soon.  I hope I can stay on top of all the cleaning because if it gets piled up it suddenly turns from a chore to a battle.  Things have been going well so far so I’m setting a goal to try to keep things as great as they have been.

I have some new knitting goals.  Last week it was the headbands and I almost reached my goal, I just have one last headband to knit.  I want to make baby a bunny for Easter.  And of course, finish that other sock.

Well, that was a random post.  I’m excited for this new week, I hope everything goes well.  So far so good!



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2 responses to “Week 4 goals

  1. Yea! You are doing great!! 🙂

  2. I think a pound a week is fabulous. Good for you! If you manage to plan your meals I may have to work on that again at our house. That is something I always think I should do, but I can’t stick with it.


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