The Easter Bunny

Once upon a time a magical bunny laid an egg and now we celebrate Easter!  Here are pictures of this magical bunny.

I made my DH his first pair of boot socks.  His are getting worn out and since I love knitting socks so much I made a goal to replace them all with hand knit socks.

The two of us recently made a strange pact.  He wanted to build a gun and all the parts he needed to order came to a total of $1400.  I told him that he could spend that much if I could spend the same on yarn.  He agreed so we went to Knit Picks and put everything I wanted in the cart.   It came to a total of $280.  Not even close, but I’m still super happy! 

Now I have a closet entirely full of yarn!  I have projects lined up for about 6 months!

I found out about the Ravelympics Badge of Glory after the preorders had closed.  I was so devestated!  I checked the notify me when this becomes available.  Finally this week they emailed me!  I did not want to miss out this time, and so I ordered it.  Since I was ordering from the mini mart I added a few shirts too, just for fun.

What a fun week full of knitting related adventures!



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3 responses to “The Easter Bunny

  1. Lucky Girl! The bunny looks great!

    PS. WEBs is having their anniversary sale through April and May, lots of good sales. You know, since you have extra money left to spend on yarn! ( – I don’t work there, just thought you might be interested!

  2. Bunny is soooo cute! And so are you in your ravelry tees.

    (Second the nomination for Webs :))

  3. whoa talk about some fun shopping! So where’s the spinning wheel??

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