Babywearing In the News

Recently babywearing has attracted a lot of negative publicity.  A lot.  In fact, just about everywhere I go people feel the need to tell me that wearing my baby is bad and that I could kill him, and my carrier has been recalled.

Babywearing is NOT bad!  I cannot and will not kill my child by wearing him, and NO, my carrier has not been recalled.

For those people out there who do not have their facts straight, only the Infantino brand Sling Rider has been recalled.  And it isn’t any wonder, when you buy a cheap baby sling at Wal-Mart you shouldn’t expect to have a high quality or an acceptably safe product.  The carrier I have is safe and I paid a lot more money for it than what the Sling Rider costs.

I don’t understand why there is so much negativity. 3 babies have died.  That’s nothing compared to all the babies that have died from faulty carseats in car accidents.  There’s no comparison!  What about all the toys that have choked a baby to death?  And what about binkies?  Every time I turn around a new brand of pacifier has been recalled because the base separated and it poses a choking hazard.

There are so many wonderful benefits to babywearing.  If someone was interested in it, they should do their research.  There are great websites out there to help parents make safe, informed decisions about what products to buy.  Here is a great one: The Baby Wearer.

I am deeply sorry for these parent’s loss.  But please do your research and use common sense when wearing your baby.

Too much negativity!  There was an awesome article on Yahoo today, it made me so happy.  It’s about the benefits of breastfeeding and how many babies lives it could save.  Babywearing facilitates breastfeeding in so many ways, mostly because it keeps mamas and babies close together. Close proximity stimulates each other’s hormones and mothers lactate better when they wear their babies.

For any mothers out there wanting to wear their babies, you have my support.  It’s a wonderful way to parent your child.


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One response to “Babywearing In the News

  1. Thank you for saying so! A dangerous product should not reflect upon the practice of babywearing which has so many valuable benefits!

    You don’t see people swearing off cribs when a dangerous one is recalled because cribs are so normal in this society!

    I look forward to babywearing becoming so popular!

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