New Soakers For the Boy

Yesterday I finished making the boy his new soakers (all 3 patterns are free on Ravelry).  They’re just finishing up drying after lanolizing.  I must say I am very happy with them.  For the first time (with soakers) I used higher quality yarn bought at my LYS, not Patons.  Patons was fine, but it felted and pilled terribly.  Here are the FO’s.

This first one is the Curly Purly Soaker pattern made out of Cascade 220 Quattro.  It reminds me of a watermelon rind!  I think it’s so cute and since I didn’t use merino wool with the pattern this time it should hold it’s shape better.

This one is the Adaptation Soaker.  It’s adapted from the Ottobre soaker pattern for worsted weight yarn.  I used Cascade Ecological wool.  I didn’t realize it was Bulky weight until I was well into the project so I just continued anyway.  It’s really thick and squishy!  I love this pattern because the garter stitch is really stretchy, it fits for a long time and it easily goes over our nighttime diaper.  We use a Smarti Pants insert as a doubler and we have no leaks.  I really love this pattern.

And finally this is the Wool Diaper Cover by Cynthia Combs.  It was a really fast knit, I did it in just one evening.  I made it with Malabrigo, it was my first time working with it.  It is the BEST. YARN. EVER!!  It was orgasmic to knit with it!

This weekend I was drying the diapers on the porch and I was out walking the dogs.  When I came back my husband was so excited and said someone had dropped off a bunch of diapers.  When I went inside and looked at the bag that was left, it was full of lots of cloth diapering supplies!  She had given us a dozen fitted diapers, some wipe solution cubes, a wool soaker (too small for my thunder thighed boy) and some really soft flat diapers.  I was sad that she didn’t stick around for me to chat with her, as I love to talk cloth diapers every chance I get!  Anyway, she saw the diapers on the porch and her child had been potty trained for some time now and she needed to dejunk.  I sort of feel guilty because I have PLENTY of diapers, but at the same time I’m super excited to try fitteds.  They will be perfect for when we have family come to visit and they can change his diaper easily.

Fitteds are like prefolds and they go under a wool or waterproof cover.



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2 responses to “New Soakers For the Boy

  1. The new soakers look great! I can’t wait to get making some soakers. Thanks for your review of the different types you’ve knit. What a nice surprise for that lady to drop off some diapers for you (so generous and sweet)! I’ll have to look into the fitted diapers. They look nice and trim.

  2. I’m am cracking up imagining your Malabrigo orgasmic knitting! That is hilarious and sooo descriptive!

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