Hindsight is 20/20

Remember a few posts back when I mentioned someone dropped off a bunch of fitted diapers for me?  Well, they started some thought processes and I just wanted to offer a bit of friendly advice to new mothers.

This is something that’s said OVER and OVER and OVER again….  Try a bunch of different diapers before making your decision.

I sort of jumped the gun and ordered 3 dozen prefolds.  Yes I was obsessed with making wool covers and I wanted to use them.  Wool is still my favorite part of diapering, but there are other things to use under them besides prefolds.    I also ended up buying 4 pockets, 3 of them broke so they were replaced.  This week I finally got around to taking them to the tailor’s and now I have 7 functioning pocket diapers.

Now my diaper stash is a bit ridiculous, especially now that I’m washing diapers daily.  If I had known I would be washing them frequently then I wouldn’t have bought so many to begin with.  When we lived in our old house I was doing laundry every other day and 3 dozen was still ridiculous.  But all the diapering websites said that you should have 3 dozen.  Only now do I realize they say that because they’re trying to make money.

From nearly 6 months experience, here’s what I would have done differently.

First of all, you only need 24 diapers total.  That’s it.  Even if you’re washing every other day, there is no reason to have more that 2 dozen.  My advice would be to mix and match.  I would have bought:

1 dozen prefolds each in infant and standard.  I say a dozen because prefolds are still my favorite.  They come really clean and are (in my opinion) user friendly.  The ones I bought are so soft too.  It’s like putting an old comfy T-shirt on my baby’s bum.

Snappies or pins.  I bought 6 Snappies, that was a ridiculous amount.  They last 6 months each, so I have enough to last through potty training.  You only need to be using one at a time as well.

6 fitteds the reason I didn’t buy them was because they are sized so I was being economical.  But they are wonderful and worth every penny.

1 PUL diaper cover, and 4 wool covers this is specific to my preferences.  If you’re just going with PUL covers then 2 or 3 is all you’ll ever need.  You can’t have too many wool covers, especially if you’re making your own.  It seems like I always have at least one drying from being washed after a blowout. 

Doublers.  You need these for nighttime and heavy wetters.  The fitteds I have aren’t absorbent enough so I have to add something to it.  I like to use SmartiPants inserts.  I’ve also used the wipes and wash cloths when he was tiny.  You can use your infant sized prefolds as doublers when baby outgrows them.  It’s just adding extra absorbency, so you can get quite creative with this.  Also, it’s not needed with every baby.  Mine is a heavy eater and wetter so he needs extra.  Soon you’ll know how many you need and if you need them at all.

6 one sized pockets or all-in-ones.  These are perfect for on the go, but they don’t come as clean.  They’re also really fun to play with.  I would have bought 6 different brands to see what ones I liked.  I went with one brand, and they ended up being crap.

2 dozen wipes I sewed my own, but you could use baby wash cloths, reuse an old towel by cutting it into squares and seaming the edges, even use old receiving blankets and seam the edges, there are a million things you could do.  After all, you’re wiping bums!  They’re going to get covered in poop!

Wipes Solution Dispenser This can be anything really, I actually have been using the cleansing bottle they gave me in the hospital (similar to a  dish soap bottle).  You could use a soap dispenser, a spray bottle, a glass jar, ect. ect. 

a wet bag for diapering on the go

a dry pail for storing dirty diapers between washings.  I use a waste bin with a step lid.

A diaper sprayer easy to make your own if you don’t want to pay $50 for one

Keep in mind that things change as the baby grows and you’ll need to adapt your cloth diapering system as needed.

And finally, check out Diaper Swappers.  I know they’re used so if it bothers you, get them new.  The thought of used diapers really freaked me out when I was pregnant, but since I received a few used I don’t even care at all.  This website is just fantastic, you can try out all different types for cheap.  Actually now that I’ve found myself with a ridonkulous amount of diapers, maybe I’ll swap a few.

A note about fitteds: I attempted to make my own before baby arrived.  I didn’t know what I was making, for some reason I didn’t know they needed a waterproof cover.  I was onto something, but I made them too bulky and I didn’t install the elastic correctly.  I will be attempting again, now that I’m older and wiser.

I wish I would have known all this beforehand, but then only places that had good cloth diapering advice were sites that were selling them.  This is the whole reason I started this blog, to share information to other mothers looking for it.  It is my hope that I help someone, somewhere.



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3 responses to “Hindsight is 20/20

  1. Amusingly, I have more than four dozen diapers and would prefer to have more. I go through WAY more than a dozen a day! Er, I should say Grace does. I don’t go through ANY diapers myself.

  2. melanie

    such good info! thanks so much!

  3. Ashlee

    I looked into cloth diapering with Avalon, but I didn’t know anything. Now, I’m looking into them again, but feel overwhelmed. What brand of prefolds are good? What about the other stuff? I’m just trying to figure out if it’d be a good idea for us. Any input helps! I’ve read all your posts labeled cloth diapering and it sounds really interesting…

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