A Sock Person

I am a sock person.  Ever since I was small I have had a facination with them.  One of my early childhood memories involves them. I was about 3 years old and my family was about the leave the house. My dad told my brother and I to put on our shoes and socks.  I put my shoes on, then my socks over my shoes.  I can only imagine how irritated my dad was at my little snarky joke.

As an older child I collected fun socks.  I had all the current Disney characters and every morning before school seeing thier faces on my feet made me so happy.  As a teenager I spent most of my school clothes money buying funky socks.  I had so many pairs of toe socks, it was ridiculous really.  I loved fun patterns, knee highs, very colorful striped socks.  I always felt like I had a fun secret from the world that only I knew about.

In high school I always wore the most obnoxious socks to my cross country meets.  I never ran the races in them, but they were a feet treat for after.

It makes perfect sense to me that now that I knit that I love knitting socks.  No, I have an obsession with knitting socks.  I think about them constantly.  I have to buy a skein or two of sock yarn every time I stop by the LYS or make a Knit Picks order (Knit Picks has the best sock yarn).  I don’t even feel like it counts as my normal stash.  Yarn for socks is different than yarn for other projects.

I want to replace all the socks in our house with hand knit socks.  This is quite a goal because my husband needs lots of boot socks for work.  So my current goal is to knit the two of us a pair of socks each month.  I feel like this is an achievable goal and it leaves time in the month to do other projects as well, but always making time for my knitting obsession.  It will feel so good to throw 2 pairs of our old socks out and replace them with new socks made with the most luxurious yarn.


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  1. Wow. I love socks but I still haven’t gotten into making lots of them. Maybe that will be my next thing next year. Knitting through a sock book if I find one I really like.

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