Swap Remnants

Yesterday I briefly (and possibly insultingly) touched on a topic that I feel deserves it’s own blog post. 

I have to admit, I was very nervous about receiving my package.  Some of the packages other people received were, well, shall we say not something I would like myself?  That’s not meant to be rude, but most swappers take it seriously.  That means “stalking” on Ravelry and getting to know the person you’re sending to so that each gift is personal and meaningful.  Then there are others and I don’t even know why they participate, but they sort of bring the swap down by doing a mediocre job.

I was actually referring to a few past swaps.  I was so confused and nervous about what to put in the package I was sending. I went on a very long hunt to find what past swappers had included.  I came across a few packages that I was, um, not too impressed with and therefore learned that to send a package, make sure it would be something I would like to have myself.  These people seemed to be pawning off yarn they no longer wanted in their stash and rushed through their projects.  And then there were people who didn’t send at all.

That said, the Springtime in Paris has been a special swap.  A few more people still haven’t received their parcels, but it looks like everyone will be receiving!  So far every package has been so thoughtful and all the Frenchie hats are adorable.  I admit, they all made me jealous.  Especially Melissabear’s Itty Bitty Parisian Mouse.  In fact her whole package was so delightful and her Frenchie is one of my faves.  Smozerose’s notions bag was such a great gift.   Iknitcupcakes got some Malabrigo Sock in the colorway I’m currently knitting a pair of socks for myself.  It is JUST GORGEOUS!  All the handmade gifts, stitch markers, project bags, treats and coffee, every single package has been so awesome! 

Maybe the difference with this swap was the questionnaire that womaninashoe wrote.  What a great way to find out about the person I was sending to.  It sure made shopping for gifts a breeze.

The very best part of my swapping experience has been getting to know so many wonderful people.  Currently there are 52 pages of chatter on the swap thread in the forum.  I sure love this community of knitters.

Kudos to womaninashoe (Mel) for doing a terrific job of hosting the swap.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!



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5 responses to “Swap Remnants

  1. Great follow up post. I always find your blog entries to be so honest and brave. I know you didn’t intend to hurt anyone’s feelings and I am always jealous of how honest you can be!
    I’m glad this swap has turned out to be so great, the Itty Bitty Forum is a great community of knitters. Everyone is always very supportive and generous. I don’t have any local knitting friends, but it sure doesn’t feel like that any more. I talk to my knitting friends every day and get to share so much life stuff and knitting stuff with them.

    • My blunt honesty is a curse. But at least everyone knows where they stand with me.

      I sure love my knitting friends too, and I’m happy I have people I can share my obsession with. Yay for Ravelry!!!

  2. Cindy (kgr-ranch)

    Nice job, Johnsie! Very interesting — I’ve never done a swap outside of the Itty Bitty Knits group but I’ve never even thought about having a negative or mediocre swap experience … because I have never had one of those. Those IBK’ers are an amazing group of knitters and friends. We’re glad you’re knitting with us!

  3. Mel

    Thank You so much for your lovely kind things you say :0)
    I agree I have not had a negative experience within itty bitty group but certainly have elsewhere. I like to think we have become like a group of VBF who would never hurt or let each other down :0)
    Love Mel (womaninashoe)
    P.S I just saw your breastfeeding ticker on the side (well done and what an awesome encouragement tool that must be :0) and only last night I roughly added up how long i fed Logan for and came up with 1153 days or 38 months- I think he did well :0) It would be scary to add up over all 8 children how long I have spent pregnant and how long breastfeeding!

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