The Cherry Poppers

As I have already stated, I have a goal to replace all the socks in our house with hand knit socks.  I still think of myself as a novice sock knitter as I have only knit 3 pairs of adult socks and 7 pairs of baby socks.  If you are a sock knitter, you know how many methods of sock knitting there are.  For you non sock knitters you can knit a pair of socks on double pointed needles (old style), two circular needles on one sock at a time, toe up or top down, one long circular or magic loop, two at a time, or even knit on straight needles and sew it up when you are done.  So far I have only stuck to what I know. . . knitting on DPN’s.  I did however venture out and make a pair of baby socks using two circulars. 

The first project for my recent goal is the “Make Up Socks” from the book “The Joy of Sox”.  I love this book.  The sock patterns are so pretty and the entire book is one big innuendo.  The patterns all have names like “Afternoon Delight”, “Quickie Sox”, and the such.  In this book most socks are worked toe up on two circulars or magic loop and have short row heel shaping, which are all things that I have never attempted.  So keeping with the spirit of the book I am naming these socks “The Cherry Poppers” because they are my first time with so many different techniques.  They are my first toe up, magic loop, two at a time and short row heels.  They are still a work in progress but so far I am in love.  I just finished the heels and was able to try them on before finishing the ankles.  They are so great.  I am so happy that my first time with all these things was with a pair of socks that I love so much and that are for myself.  This is also my first time using Malabrigo Sock yarn which I LOVE! 



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7 responses to “The Cherry Poppers

  1. Eliana Bahri

    I usually use the 2 circulars method, other times I knit with dpns. It depends on what I’m in the mood for, I like to change it up once in a while.

    Toe Up socks are the best! They’re my favorite. I use that method all the time. That’s such a beautiful colorway of Mal Sock, which one is it?
    Great job on knitting those! That design looks so beautiful. I might have to get myself that book since you’re saying there’s toe up sock patterns, yay!


    • It’s indiecita. I really love the colorway, I can’t wait to see the socks all finished. The Joy of Sox is quickly becoming my favorite knitting pattern book, and definitely my favorite sock book.

      • Eliana

        Nice! I was wondering if it was that colorway, I received that same yarn and color through a swap, makes me want to knit with it right away! I’ve been knitting from Cat bordhi’s and Wendy Johnson’s book. So many beautiful patterns in there.


  2. LOVE that pattern so far. Maybe that will be the book that I knit next. I´m a DPN girl for sox but I´ve also just made 5 pair. I´ve been looking at he magic loop method and looking forward to trying it.

  3. Mel

    Wow, gorgeous socks.
    I have just completed my 1st toe up sock with a gusset heel I was not as brave as you though and stuck with dpn’s which were too short! and a vanilla sock so I could practice the toes and heel on plain/fast socks for me before attempting nice patterned/slower ones for a special swap :0)
    Love mel x x

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  5. Beautiful! I want to try malabrigo sock yarn. I love the worsted so I know I will love the sock.

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