Sewing Epiphany

The 30 days of sewing project is going great!  I’m learning so much about sewing which was exactly what I set out to do.

I’ve realized a huge part of my problem with this craft.  I make to big a deal of it.  In fact, it really shouldn’t be called “sewing” at all, I believe it’s only called that for lack of a better word.

You see, it’s not about the actual sewing.  Sewing the pieces together is only part of it and the sewing machine is not the main focus of the projects.  The sewing machine is just a tool like the scissors, marking chalk and so on.  You don’t have to have a sewing machine to sew, you could easily do it by hand.  It would just take a long time and that’s why the sewing machine was invented.

It’s about putting something together with a piece of fabric, about making something out of almost nothing. It’s so similar to knitting in so many ways.  Knitting could also be called sewing depending on what you were making.

I know what some of you are thinking, this all sounds silly.  How could I not know this?  I don’t know the answer to that question.  All I know is that previously I was causing myself a lot of frustration by speeding through projects.  More often than not I wouldn’t even iron the fabric, I would cut the fabric as fast as I could, not take time to pay attention to details. 

This recent project has changed everything for me.  I only have 30 minutes to work on my current WIP, and I don’t rush through this allotted time.  I take it slow, making sure to not skip steps and read the pattern over and over until I’m sure that I understand it.  I’m taking a long time to work on my sewing, but I’m learning.  I am no longer feeling frustrated or angry and so far no tears have been shed.

This recent epiphany has changed my outlook.  I’m not a bad seamstress, I’m just an unskilled one.

30 minutes are the perfect amount of time.  More often than not I feel like I’m taking two steps forward and one step back because I do have to correct mistakes.  But hey, I’m learning.  I can’t get too angry in half an hour.  It’s so wonderful having an end in sight.  Previously I would sit down and work on my sewing project and before I knew it I had spent my whole day sewing.  That’s not a good thing at all.  Limiting my time allows time for other things in the day.  Most importantly it helps me stay on task and feel optimistic.

Things are going slowly, but they are going so well.


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