First Father’s Day Gift

We just got home from getting Derek’s present for his first Father’s Day!  My husband is a wonderful father.  He loves his little boy so much, it just shows in everything he does.  He has been wanting a tattoo for years, though there was nothing that was worth getting until now.  We have had many long conversations about body art and we both feel that a tattoo should not be a product of drunken judgement, but something personal, sentimental, and representing a life-changing event.  One day he came home and had an idea for a tattoo, and I loved it!  It was just the timing that was tricky.  This weekend we’re going to be celebrating his first Father’s Day, and what better way to celebrate than to get the tattoo he has been wanting for several months now.

Seeing our newborn’s footprints on the chest of the man I love melts my heart.  And makes my milk let down.  I think it’s the perfect tattoo!


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  1. Lovely tattoo!! I’ve told my DH that if I were ever to get a tattoo, it would be footprints of my children. I’d like it to be one foot of each child (perhaps alternating feet), so it would look like they were walking across part of me. I was very picky about X’s footprints being done for exactly that reason! 🙂

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