Cherries popped.

On Wednesday I finally finished my socks.  I already posted most of what I had to say about them in this post.  So they were my first toe-up, two at a time, magic loop, short row heel, and stretchy sewn bind off.  On top of that it was my first time following a cabling chart and knitting through the back loops.  It was rated as an experienced level pattern. 

The only problem I came across was the error with the pattern in the book, and I had already started them when I realized there was a problem.  I tore them down and started again, but it didn’t bother me.  I wanted them to be perfect.  Additionally every sock I have made so far out of Joy of Sox has an errata, so I’ve made a habit of checking their project pages on Ravelry before casting on.

The yarn was crazy.  I love winding hanks into center-pull balls when I’m really stressed out.  When I got the yarn out to wind it, I found it was a huge tangled mess.  It took me hours to wind it into a ball.  I was quite discouraged and felt that I wouldn’t buy Malabrigo sock again.  After knitting with it though, I have changed my mind about that.  I bought another hank recently and I had an easier time with it.  I suppose it was because I was prepared to work with the tangles.  Truthfully I think it’s unacceptable to charge $22 US for a hank of yarn that you have to untangle, but I guess Malabrigo sock is just that good.

These socks have changed me as a knitter.  I knew I was a sock person before, but now it’s different.  Lately I have been dreaming about socks all night long.  I wake up eager to get to work on them.  Now I’m starting to appreciate them as a work of art.  They are the best type of art as they are so functional.  I consider myself to be a functional person and I rarely do anything that isn’t. 

Socks are the perfect knit for me, and I am so proud of this pair.



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11 responses to “Cherries popped.

  1. Those socks are beautiful!
    I’ve made three pairs of sock and two pairs of mittens. The only thing I don’t like anout knitting scoks and mittens is that when I get one finished, I still have another one to knit!
    My daughter has twin girls so now I have a similar challenge knitting for them, too!

  2. These are just so beautiful! 🙂

  3. Wow! I LOVE those sox! The yarn looks super yummy. Now I´m going to have to make them and pop my cherry with 2 at a time toe up magic loop.

  4. Wow these are really beautiful! I never knew socks could be so pretty! Great job!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! Love them!

  6. paula

    these are beautiful socks!!!

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