WIP Wednesday: ribbed socks and an apron

Last week I started some socks for my husband.  I’m using the Oak Ribbed Sock pattern from the book, Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush.  So far I’ve worked the cuff and leg.  Today I started on the heel flaps and I hope I will have turned both heels by the end of the day.  I am using my new Knit Picks Harmony Wood circular needles for magic loop.  I’m also using Knit Picks yarn, it’s Gloss in Parsley.  I’m really enjoying these needles for magic loop.  Casting on top down two at a time was difficult, and despite my research efforts, I found nothing online about doing this.  Maybe two at a time magic loop is a newer method?  I don’t know. 

My sewing project today is the Granny’s Clothespin Apron for the book, One Yard Wonders.  Yesterday I attempted to begin sewing, but I did not understand what the pattern was telling me to do.  Sewing patterns are another language to me.  I feel like many I have come across are worded to where I can’t understand what they are telling me to do.  Long story short, I knew it wanted me to make a bias tape edging on the pocket.  I was mad at the pattern and decided to do it my way.  So I made the bias tape and zigzag stitched it on.  Well, come to find out, it was just having me put the bias tape on in a way that would show no seams.  Ha, they should have stated it so obviously.  Oh well, I’m not going to fix it, I’ve had enough with it.  So I continued on and I’m actually nearly finished with the project.  I worked for an hour today because yesterday’s time was absolutely wasted, and I wanted to make up for it.

So today was day 15 of my 30 days of sewing, the half way point!  I have fallen behind on my days, it really should have been day 17.  Between a busy weekend and a grumpy baby, 2 days I skipped my sewing goal.



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3 responses to “WIP Wednesday: ribbed socks and an apron

  1. Eliana Bahri

    I have Melissa Morgan-Oaks’ “2-at-a-time Socks” and she uses the magic loop method, and this book is for top down socks. You check it out, it’s pretty neat. She gives very good instructions with pictures on how to knit both socks.

    Did the book give instructions for sewing the bias tape then turning it inside out, so you don’t see the seam? I’monna have to check that pattern. I hate making bias tapes, they take me so long to sew, with the folding and all. But I like when I turn it inside out, it looks so perfect and beautiful!

    Your projects look so nice, great job!


  2. I actually came to comment on your rant… but it looks like it is gone (though it is still in the RSS feeds, ’cause that’s where I read it…)..

    Hopefully you didn’t get too much flame-throwing.

    …. the socks look great. and I hear you on the food, schooling and the rest. Australia isn’t so bad from what I can tell, but yep, pretty hard to bring your child up the way you believe when so much of what I don’t like in our society is becoming more and more institutionally ingrained…

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