I made a Mei Tai!

I’m pretty excited about this!  I bought the fabric to make it while I was pregnant but never got around to it.  Now the baby’s a little over 7 months old and I finally made it!  A Mei Tai (pronounced May Tie) is an Asian baby carrier.  

I love my Ergo now that it’s hot.  It’s kind of bulky and all the snaps and hardware are a turn off for me.  I have always thought Mei Tais are beautiful and it’s great that they’re mostly for back carry.  Since my baby has been big enough for back carry, I feel like I am free to do almost anything.

I used a tutorial on Jan Andrea’s website.  It was a very easy to follow pattern with good instructions.  My only complaint was that when it was instructing how to cut out the pieces, I got really confused. If it weren’t for the sample layout there’s no way I would have figured it out. 


I’m so happy with the way it turned out.  I feel a huge sense of accomplishment, especially since this is something I’m going to be using all the time.


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