My New Mantra

My entire life has been a long spiritual journey.  3 years ago, several events happened that turned my whole world upside down, emptying all previous ideals.  I like to think of myself as a bowl.  My whole bowl was cleaned, and I was almost like a new person, searching for new ideals.

Since the “bowl emptying”, I’ve been finding bits of life lessons, new ideals, new thoughts, and little things along the way that I’ve opted to add to my bowl.  I leave behind anything that I don’t want, and am constantly going through it and throwing out anything that is negative or doesn’t belong there for one reason or another.  

I’ve added mantras that have helped me through difficult times.  Recently I’ve been reading a book called “Ishmael” by Daniel Quinn.  I highly recommend this book to everyone, I belive it has the power to change the course of humanity if everyone reads it with an open mind. 

I’m not finished reading the book yet, but I have found a new mantra that makes sense to me and can be applied to every single aspect of my life.  

Use what you need, leave the rest behind.

I am blown away by the power of this.  Every single aspect of my life can be governed by this mantra.

This is all probably coming off as jibberish, but I feel like right now I’ve been on a very deep and life changing journey that is changing my life path, further molding me into the person I’ve always wanted to be. Finally organizing all these bits I’ve collected in my bowl, joining them all together, so every part of me is moving in the same direction.  The direction I’ve always wanted to go.

I don’t think I could be happier.



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2 responses to “My New Mantra

  1. Tara

    That’s amazing, I’m so happy for you! Keep going and don’t let anybody drag you down!

  2. I’m glad you are feeling inspired. I myself am going through a change with stop holding on to things I don’t need or love. I didn’t do my 10 things this weekend so I guess I will do it tomorrow. I will get rid of 250 object from my home by the end of the year. These are all the things that are cluttering my life and mind and all things I do not love.

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