WIP Wednesday 9/15

This week all I have on my needles is still my husband’s socks.  I usually knit socks two at a time, but since this is my design, I knit the first, and the second is a test knit.  I’m just about to turn the heel on the second sock.

Yesterday a large portion of my day I was actually writing the pattern.  I’m not familiar with making my own PDF files for download, so I was researching all about that.  I was able to create a cable chart, which was very exciting.  Thanks to the design group on Ravelry most of my questions were answered without even having to ask them.  It’s great knowing the information is out there, all I needed to do was look.

For the most part the pattern is written, it just needs minor tweaking and it will be available soon.  I need to finish the second sock so I can put some pictures in it too.  I am very excited about this!  I can’t decide whether to ask for test knitters or not because it’s going to be a free pattern.  If there is anyone out there who would like to test knit it, I can have an unofficial draft ready by Friday.  Please let me know if you are interested. 

I’m currently not working on anything sewing related.  We did clean the room up so I could sew with a cruising baby so I will be getting back to my sewing soon.

I suppose that’s all for WIP Wednesday today.  I don’t even have pictures to share.    

I hope everyone is enjoying their current WIPs as much as I am enjoying this one.


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One response to “WIP Wednesday 9/15

  1. I have so many UFOs going on and I haven´t even done my itty-bitty update this week. I will have it ready for tomorrow and I will be doing a toy giveaway so you might want to stop by and check it out. It´s a learning toy from Oompa.com.

    I´m working on a pattern having it test knit by the free test knitters on Ravelry. I´m very much looking forward to having it ready to sell soon.

    Hope you have a lovely week.


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