Friday Favorites II

My sock obsession continues, and perhaps is more extreme this week.  I’ve decided I’m in love with stockings.  Lacy knee highs are sexy, and they would be perfect lingerie and go well with a flirty skirt.  Today my stocking obsession is Bintje-Socks by Jatta Saukko.  I love the lacy pattern and the picot cuff is just icing on the cake.  Hmmm… now that I think of it, maybe I also have a thing for picot cuffs on socks.  Anyway, look how beautiful these are!  I MUST make them.  I don’t know when, but sometime.

Photo by Jatta Saukko

Speaking of socks, I made my husband’s last pair of socks with some wonderful yarn, Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine.  This yarn is 50% wool, 20% Superfine Alpaca and 30% Nylon.  It’s oh so soft, sturdy, and it was perfect to cable with.  The colors are all beautiful, most of which are heathered.  It’s 430 yards at $10.50 a hank.  It takes a full hank to make a pair, and it’s about half the price as other comparable yarns.  The only problem was it was a bit splitty when ripped back, but it wasn’t bad.  Anyway, this yarn was fantastic and I will be using it again and again!

I go through phases with who my favorite designer is.  This week (and most of the time really), it’s Kirstin Kapur.  Her patterns are elegant, fun, and full of cables!  She was recently interviewed on the Petite Purls blog, and after reading it, I love her even more.  She has a group on Ravelry, and a great blog called Through the Loops.  She was the designer of the Make-up socks I made earlier this summer.

I talk about my own favorites too much.  All day we listen to music on Pandora via the Roku box.   This week Little D has a favorite song.  It’s Patrick and Eugene’s The Birds and the Bees.  When it comes on, he crawls to the TV as fast as he can, pulls himself up on the entertainment center, and shakes his little bum.  It’s the cutest thing in the world.  Should I be worried that his favorite song is called the Birds and the Bees?  Maybe it will save me from an awkward conversation in the future.   


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One response to “Friday Favorites II

  1. Nat

    I love those socks! You’re right. They’re very sexy! It makes me want to learn to knit. Or have you make me a pair of “get well soon socks” 😉

    I also like the Birds and the Bees song. I think I’ve got that awkward conversation with L coming up in the not too distant future. Ugh. Not looking forward to that!

    D has some mad sewing skills! His gear is totally awesome. If my machine was up to it, I’d totally make him a tactical apron! 🙂

    Something is up with my email and I’ve lost all the email addresses in my contact list. Will you email me yours? Thanks!

    Have a happy Monday!

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