Sew Manly

My husband is in the military.  He collects guns and tactical gear.  Manly?  Oh, yeah.  He is the most manly man I have ever known.

Ever since I first met him, he has always been designing tactical gear and bags in his head.  One day last smmer, while browsing through a sewing store, he found a pattern for a diaper bag.  He thought it would make a great gear bag so he bought the pattern and the material to make it.

At first he asked me to sew it for him, but after looking throught the pattern, he decided he wanted to try it himself.  I showed him how to use the machine, and off he went.  After a weekend of nonstop sewing, his bag was finished, and a new man was created.  He was now a seamster (instead of seamstress).

He had a newfound appreciation for sewing, especially because it was a hobby be could have that wasn’t being threatened by laws (like gun stuff).

After he made the bag, he repurposed his old BDU uniforms into a quilt (a post about that later).

Our little machine was becoming and increasing problem for him.  It was small and finicky, and most home machines won’t sew through the type of material he was using.  After months of research, he bought a sewing machine for himself.  It’s a commercial machine and will sew through 1/2 inch thick leather.  It’s a beast.

After he purchased his machine, he has been sewing all kinds of gear.  He’s so good at sewing.  Our weekends are spent in the sewing room together, and we have really enjoyed it. 

There is a funny thing about a man sewing.  People say things like, “Wow, you’re really crafty” to him.  We both roll our eyes.  Crafty is popsicle sticks at 4H camp, or making holiday decorations for Super Saturday.  Sewing bags that hold magazine clips out of 1000 D nylon and chest rigs that hold shotgun shells is not crafty. 

When people come over and see his set up or the things he’s made, immediately they change their initial thoughts about him sewing.  “Holy crap, that’s awesome!”  

And he is awesome.



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2 responses to “Sew Manly

  1. Chris

    Hi there,

    I have come across the tactical/diaper bag your husband made a few times while googling about diy sewing projects for guys. I also have used my wife’s sewing machine to try making things for myself like dress shirts and pants. I’m interested in sewing more heavy duty projects with thicker canvas and jean material. Just wondering if you or your husband could give me some info on the commercial sewing machine you purchased, or even just some tips about what to look for in a commercial machine. Thanks so much,


    • Hi Chris. The machine we bought is a tacsew 111. It is a great machine if you have the space for it. If you are limited on space you might want to check out a sailrite machine. It is a portable heavy duty machine used for on boat sail repair. For more info on heavy duty sewing you should check out there is a whole area that is about machine selection and maintenance. There is also a ton of info about methods, material, and techniques for tactical projects.

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