Little Black Clutch

This Pattern is Available as a free Ravelry Download.  It is also available for free, instructions in this post.

When my mother in law was visiting, we stopped in the local yarn shop.  She’s a quilter and I’m a knitter.  I didn’t expect her to think too much about the yarn shop because she’s more into fabric.  Upon entering, a felted clutch that was on display immediately caught her attention.

“I love this!  Will you knit it for me?”  She asked excitedly.

“Sure,” I replied.  It didn’t look very hard.  I asked the girl working what pattern and yarn were used.  She didn’t have an exact pattern and gave me very vague instructions about how it was made.  I inspected it and got a good idea about how I would make it.

Meanwhile, my mother in law was combing through the variety of wools, trying to find the perfect color for her clutch.  Finally she settled on Lamb’s Pride Bulky in black.

I was thrilled to see her so excited in the yarn shop.  I had fun showing it off to her and I almost expected her to be uninterested.  It went so differently than I had imagined.

The pattern came together really easily, and it was nothing like the vague instructions the girl at the LYS gave me.  At first I made a wide clutch style, but I wasn’t totally sure that was what she had in mind.  I made another one using 2 strands of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes.  It was smaller and longer.  The instructions are for the smaller one first, and the wider one in the parenthesis. (I just wanted to come back and add that project notes on Ravelry say they don’t really like the wide, short purse, instructions in parenthesis.  It’s not very practical which is why I made a different version.)

Finished Measurements:

9 x 6 1/2 inches felted (10 1/2 x 5 1/4 inches felted)


3 sts and 4 rounds/ 1 inch before felting  (Gauge is not really important, just make sure it’s nice and loose for easier felting.)


125 yards of bulky weight wool yarn (Or 220 yards of worsted weight wool, with 2 strands held together throughout)

size US 13 16 inch circular needles

stitch marker


Using long tail cast on, cast on 60 (80) sts.  Place marker and begin working in the round.

Work 6 rounds of garter stitch (purl one round, knit one round)

Next round: K 8 (10) sts, bind off 14 (20) sts, K 16 (20) sts, bind off 14 (20) sts, k 8 (10) sts.

Next round: K 8 (10) sts, using backward loop method cast on 14 (20) sts, k 16 (20) sts, cast on 14 (20) sts, k 8 (10) sts.  Begin working in round again.

K every round until it measures 10 (8) inches from cast on edge.

Divide sts evenly, with the first st from where the stitch marker was placed.

Finish by grafting (kitchener stitch) live sts together.

Felt as desired.

Adorn with decorative pin, ribbon, buttons, ect.  Use your imagination!

Resources (click on the links to view instructions on the techniques used in this pattern):

Backward Loop Cast On

Kitchener Stitch

Hand Felting

Machine Felting



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4 responses to “Little Black Clutch


    I am the receiver of this beautiful purse. I have the most talented daughter in law in the world. I love seeing what she had knitted! Everytime I open her blog or Facebook, she has done something new. Lucky Dylan!!!

  2. Is it really practical for carrying things? It looks nice!

  3. sflaugher

    How pretty! This is just the project I was looking for. I plan to add a magnetic closure to keep small items from escaping.

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