Friday Favorites III

Something has changed for me lately in the knitting area.  I am suffering from being over inspired.  Yes, I know you all feel so sorry for me. 

I want to make all the socks.  I want to make sweaters for the three of us.  Lately, I’ve been insanely obsessive with shawls.  The problem with feeling this way is that I get discouraged.  I knit so slow!  There’s no way I can knit everything I want to in my lifetime!  Damn my slow fingers! 

Today I’ll talk about the baby sweaters I want to make.  At a knitting group earlier this summer, a friend recommended the book, Vintage Baby Knits.  Most of the patterns are pretty girly, but there are a few really great boy sweaters.  I already made the Dewey Cabled Pullover, but I still have plans to make Rufus, and the Jasper Diamond Hoodie.


This week on Ravelry, I discovered a cardigan for toddlers.  It’s called a Cardigan for Merry.  I LOVE it!  The reversible cable border, the hood, the wooden toggle buttons, what’s not to love?

Photo by annypurls

The pattern is a smaller version of the Cardigan for Arwen.  Growing up, I lived in a home where fantasy books and movies were loved.  I never got into it, but I have seen all the Lord Of the Rings.  I knew Arwen was from that book/ movie series.  Well, I didn’t even think about the toddler sized cardigan’s name.  I thought it was for someone’s child named Merry.  A few days later it dawned on me.  Merry!  The Hobbit!  Ha!  That’s a clever name.  I can be such a blonde sometimes.

Aside from names and stuff, I love this little cardigan and I will be making it for my almost toddler.

As always, I watch movies while knitting.  Last night during a caffeine induced insomnia incedent, I watched Year of the Dog.  I had seen it when it was a new release in 2007, but I wasn’t who I am now and I didn’t understand it.  This time around, it was different.  I think it’s my favorite movie. 

I identify with Molly Shannon’s character so much, what with her being an animal lover like me.  I loved that moment when she found out her friend was vegan, she looked down at her chicken sandwich and she finally understood what she was eating, I’ve felt that.  I’ve had that moment, and it’s not a good feeling.  My moment wasn’t nearly that simple, but I wish it had been.

During the rest of the movie, no one understood why she wanted to be vegan or why she wanted to save all the animals. They just thought she was crazy.  I’m a really sensitive person and I’ve had moments where I’ve felt so useless, like there’s nothing that can be done to help them.  No one around seems to care, and I’m the crazy one for caring.  Unlike Peggy, I have an amazingly supportive husband, so my story was much different than hers. 

I’ve gone to the pound on so many occasions and wanted to adopt every single dog there.  Of course I never actually did it (unlike Peggy), but I would go home and sob because there was nothing I could do.

It ended really well.  I thought it was a wonderful movie and I loved it so much.  I think every animal lover should watch it.

Next week’s Favorites:  SHAWL OBSESSION!



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4 responses to “Friday Favorites III

  1. I totally know what you mean! I go through spells of “over-inspired”. If only I had the time and the speed to knit all the things I have thought of. It is the curse of the obsessively creative! 🙂

  2. melanie

    this sweater is adorable! i cannot wait to see your version! you seriously are so talented. and also, thanks for the recommendation on the movie. sounds good, i will add it to my queue. also, tell derek nice work on his sewing projects. there is some serious talent going on in that house! i’m anxious to see what becomes of dylan! 🙂

  3. I too suffer from over inspiration. I wish I could craft as fast as my brain can come up with stuff to make! 🙂

  4. Nat

    You make me want to learn to knit. I love that sweater! I’ve never seen that movie, but maybe I will. You said your moment wasn’t that simple. What was your moment?

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