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Friday Favorites: Mr. Crab

Today was a big day.  My husband graduated one of the longest, most difficult trainings the US Military has to offer.  This training has a 14% graduation rate, and he’s finished.  He did so well and I am so proud of him. 

It was emotional watching him get his crab pinned on. Not only has it been intense for him, but it has been for me too.  It’s finally over and our life will change forever.  I love him so much, and I couldn’t be more proud of him.  He is an amazing person and always does so well with what he sets his mind to. 

Congratulations to my Love!



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Friday Favorites: My Birthday Boy

Well, today’s the day; my baby’s now a toddler.  Today we’re celebrating his first year of life.  I’m very emotional about it but not in the way that I thought I would be.  Instead of mourning the fact that his babyhood is complete, I’m so happy that we have had the time together and that our family is so close and so happy.

A full year has come and gone since he was born.  We’ve now had a full year of breastfeeding, diaper changes, washing diapers, sleeping next to each other, toting him around on our bodies, trying to keep him happy while he cut teeth, and a full year of taking it one day at a time.  It’s been a year of lullabies, cuddles, open mouth kisses, and dancing.  We’ve gone through milestone after milestone and watched our son grow so much.  2 days ago he took his first steps and he has a very large vocabulary.

I’m looking forward to the next year, and every year after that, and every year after that.  Being a parent is an amazing thing, I can’t believe how it’s made me feel and how it’s changed me.

I still can’t believe that it’s been a full year since he was born.  After we were moved to our recovery room in the hospital, Grandma went home and Daddy went to sleep.  It was very late, but my adrenaline rush kicked in even though my body was so physically tired.  I lied there in the bed with my newborn on my chest, skin to skin.  He had just finished his second meal and we were both very content.  He looked up at me, and I looked down at him.  I felt a bond forming, one that had already been there but was now getting better.  Every day we have had these special moments and I love him so much.  I have to say, this past year has been my favorite year of  life.


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Happy Veteran’s Day

I love this holiday.  It’s a real legit holiday, with a strong reason behind it.  It has personal meaning to me since I’m the wife of a veteran.

I just want to say Thank You to all that have served, are serving, and will serve in the US Armed Forces.  You are all heroes and deserve a day out of the year to be appreciated.

Mostly, I want to wish my favorite veteran a very happy day!


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The Emerald Coast Shawlette

I’m not sure what it was about this pattern, but something in my mind couldn’t let it go.  I HAD to knit it.  It was on my mind constantly, I even dreamed about it.  It was the Cedar Leaf Shawlette by Alana Dakos (Never Not Knitting).  Obviously I wasn’t alone in this crazy obsession, it has over 625 projects on Ravelry and it’s only been out for one year.

Part of the reason for my obsession with this pattern was due to some yarn I have stashed.  My husband bought some Knit Picks Elegance in the color Jade, hoping I would make some socks for him.  After the purchase, we found out that it’s not great to make socks with Baby Alpaca, so he told me I could just make what I wanted with it. 

Knowing it was for me, I would sneak into my yarn closet and squish it, imagining the possibilites.  It was dark green and I didn’t know what to make with the color.  That’s why when I found this pattern, I was so possessed with it.

When I started knitting it, I couldn’t stop.  I loved the feel of the baby alpaca/ silk yarn gliding across my fingers.  I loved how large the shawlette quickly became and the way it felt in my lap.  I flew through the leaf border.  It was bittersweet knowing the knitting would end soon, but I couldn’t stop.  I blocked it ever so carefully.  When it was finished, I draped it on my shoulders and felt warmth and indulgent softness like I’ve never known.

This was something special.  I knew the photo shoot also had to be something special.  I felt the dark green was more of and emerald than a jade (what color is jade anyway??).  Right now we’re living on Florida’s Emeral Coast, so in celebration of this area we did our photoshoot on the beach. 

I even bought a new dress just for this photoshoot.  Perfect dress, perfect weather, perfect finished object! 

I was so happy with the pictures.  They really represented the shawlette well.  Even Alana Dakos liked my pictures!  She asked to feature the first one on the Ravelry project page.  I was very flattered knowing she liked my shawlette too.


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Halloween Recap

We had a really fun Halloween.  Saturday we went birthday shopping for our son’s first birthday, had a good dinner at our favorite resturaunt, and had a photoshoot on the beach (more about that later.)  It was warm, pleasant and just the perfect weekend.  We didn’t get any trick or treaters though, we never do. 

Since Halloween is my favorite holiday, I felt a lot of pressure to make my son’s first Halloween very special.  I knew I wanted to make him a costume.  I started working on it in September, but due to crazy life events, it took me more than a month to finish it.  My husband had to help me the day before Halloween so that we could finish in time. 

Despite the fact that it took me so long, it was a very easy project.  I love the way it turned out.  He only ended up wearing it for the photos because it was over 80 degrees this weekend.

We found the perfect dog costume at Target.  We call this dog Cahrbuncle Charbronco (really long stupid story) so we thought it was fitting.  The pics didn’t turn out well, a blind dog in a costume gets agitated easily.

I finished the Skull Isle longies too.  They turned out pretty good for my first fair isle project.  I did have a hard time with the tension so it puckers a little in the colorwork areas.  Still, I’m happy with them.  He looks really cute in the pants.

At the first of October I made the Lil Pumpkin hat from Itty Bitty Hats.  Little D doesn’t like wearing it, but I like him to.  He is so cute in it.  The hat is so adorable, I am just in love with the pattern. 

We had a party at our house.  We had soup and beer batter bread, with apple cider to drink; our long standing Halloween tradition.  We had our friends over and it was a really fun night.  I just love Halloween!


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