Pizza Night

I love pizza.  It’s the single reason why I struggle with completely giving up dairy. 

I bought some new vegan cookbooks recently.  Among them is one called “Vegan On The Cheap” by my favorite cookbook writer, Robin Robertson. 

Tonight I made vegan pizza from that recipe book.  It was completely homemade: the crust, the sauce, the pepperroni.  100% Vegan and 100% Awesome.  We are all sitting around, content with full bellies of goodness right now. 

In other personal vegan news, I just got some new vegan shoes!  I have been leather-free for 2.5 years, but I haven’t bought any faux leather boots yet.  I don’t really like what Payless has to offer in the boot department.  I found a website called and ordered some boots and sneakers.  I have been so excited about my shoes that nothing can get me down right now.  Who knew I was such a girl?  Just kidding.

Here’s a pic of me playing dress up.  I forgot I made this sundress this summer until I found it in my closet.  My first completed dress and my first time sewing with Amy Butler fabric!

Here’s a pic of my Simple Brand Eco Sneaks!

Happy Weekend Everyone!


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