Year of Sewing: Month 1

I have been very successful in my first month of my year of sewing goal.  I sewed 28 days in January, only taking 3 days off. 

I have been pretty busy with all the stuff I’ve been doing, leaving much less time for blogging and other online stuff.  I have been online shopping quite a bit, but that’s all.

Here are some things I’ve made this month:

The last picture was the project that took most of my month.  It’s fun moving and redecorating, and I am lucky enough to sew new decorations for my home.  The possibilites were endless, so it was really hard to make a decision.  I am so happy with how it turned out and how they look.  The drapes were the biggest project I’ve ever sewed, I think it was over 14 yards of fabric. 

It was a good month!  I’m still very motivated to sew every day.  I have plans for February that may take the entire month.  It’s another big project.  I also have the rest of the windows in my house to put drapes on.


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  1. Looking good! 28 days is very impressive!! 🙂

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