Diaper Sewing Supplies

Adventures in Cloth Diapering Part 3

About a week after making my diaper supply order, everything had arrived.  By this time, I had become completely obsessed with my project, cloth diapers, and sewing.

My order from the website, Diaper Sewing Supplies included:

Bamboo Velour (bamboo viscose and organic cotton blend)

Hemp Fleece (hemp and organic cotton blend)

3/8″ Lastin clear elastic

size 20 poly-resin snaps

KAM snap pliers

All to make 48 diapers and their inserts.

I had also ordered more poly-resin snaps and foldover elastic to make a few PUL covers.

I also made a purchase from fabric.com for serger thread, ball point needles, and a few yards of clearance knit fabric (both for diapers and to stash since knits are my favorite). So aside from a few yards of knit fabric, I was ready to start my project.

I first made a sample diaper out of scrap flannel and terry cloth.  It went well, but using a 3 step zig zag to install the elastic was hard.  It didn’t stretch at all (I found out later this was because of the terry fabric).  I decided to continue with my good fabric anyway because I knew I could install the elastic with just a casing.

sample diaper, after many washes

This worked for a few diapers, but once I got to serging some of them, the elastic popped out!  It’s so frustrating to pick out a serged edge.  I decided to work with the 3 step zig zag as the pattern had instructed.  Eventually, I found a hybrid method that works perfectly and it combined a casing with the zig zag and none of my elastic have popped out since installing them this way.

So, I had figured out my elastic problem.  Now, my serging was looking kind of bad in the curves.  There was quite a bit of looping.  It didn’t appear to be affecting the quality of the diaper thankfully.

I took a break from diaper sewing to do research and practice.  I consulted my serging book and it said serging around curves is hard.  It just takes slow, steady stitching and a skilled eye to watch the cutter.  That didn’t really help since I seriously lack serging skills.  So, practice I must!

Eventually, I got it down.  I made all the inserts because they were easier to work with than the actual body of the diaper.  I can’t say at this point that my diapers serged edge look good enough to sell, but they are good enough for me.  At any point they had never not sealed the edge of the fabric (ok, maybe a few needed re-serging) just a little bit of extra thread was hanging off the edge on the inside of the curves.

Anyway, the point of all this rambling about my sewing problems is to say that I’m so happy I was able to work through them.  I feel like my skills have drastically improved.  I feared elastic before this and avoided it at all cost.  Now, I’m good at it. My serger is still new and I’m brand new to serging.  I feel pretty great to have conquered my sewing battles.

I made the first 8 in one weekend.  They are size 2 so I could start using them right away.  These 8 are kind of rough around the edges, but after about a month are holding up like champions. 

After making them, I had run out of gender neutral knits so I purchased the cutest fabric from an Etsy shop (LilBabyThangs).  While I waited for this order to arrive, I made a dozen in size 1 with the knit fabric from my Fabric.com purchase.

It’s taken me a month to make 3 dozen.  After finishing the size 2 diapers, I am resting for a few days from this project and cleaning up my neglected house and blogging my thoughts before they disappear.  So for now, I have 2 dozen of my homemade fitted diapers currently in use.  How do I like them?  Well, that’s a blog post for tomorrow!

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  1. Nat

    Way to go! I can’t wait to hear how you like them.

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