Astrology as Therapy Continued

Yesterday I talked about discovering the full spectrum of a person’s astrological chart. I talked about how as a lunar Pisces I’ve attracted a lot of bullies, most of which have had Aries as their moon sign.

Today I want to kind of clear things up. I said yesterday that I absolutely cannot tolerate a lunar Aries. That’s actually not true at all. I said that because of my top 3 bullies, 2 had an Aries moon sign and the other had Leo moon sign. Maybe it’s something about fire in their core that makes them behave the way they do.

I have known several lunar Aries that I get a long with. I think it just depends on what their sun sign is. My dog, for example, is a solar Pisces. But that doesn’t really fit her. She can be really sweet and loving but she just does not fit into that description. Once I discovered that she is a lunar Aries, it made sense. At her core, she only cares for herself. She is just really selfish and self serving, although she’s not a bully. We always make jokes about her big and self-centered personality. She’s charming though, I think because it’s combined with gentle Pisces. (Yes, I did look up my dog’s astrology chart. I’m cool like that.)

Another lunar Aries I know is a solar Cancer. I love Cancerians very much. This particular Cancer I have had struggles with, but overall we got a long pretty well.

Lunar Pisces and Lunar Scorpios are made for each other. Lucky for me I grew up in a home where I had two brothers, one sister and a mother all with Scorpio as their moon sign. My best friend from junior high was a lunar Scorpio and she was the closest girlfriend I’ve ever had. I get them. There’s nothing mysterious about Scorpio to me at all.

It’s the same with solar Scorpios. I have A LOT of solar Scorpios in my life. Like I mentioned yesterday, both of my children have Scorpio as their sun signs.

Scorpio has this stigma of being cold and vengeful. Still waters run deep is their saying. Do you know what Scorpio really is? Scorpio is extremely similar to Pisces. Where Pisces is overly emotional and not afraid to show it, Scorpio experiences the same emotions but hides them. They hide their feelings really well so the outside world doesn’t know what kind of storms are going on beneath the surface.

My husband is a solar Cancer-Leo cusp. I’ve read over and over that Cancer and Taurus make a really great pair. I don’t need astrology to tell me that. I can feel it. Our lunar signs aren’t entirely compatible but we have the same goals, just go about them in entirely different ways. Both of our overall charts work really well together. We share common goals. We are kind and gentle with each other. We both love each other with all our hearts. He just makes me so feel so happy.

Yesterday I complained about the bullies I’ve attracted but I’ve also attracted a lot of sweet wonderful people. Most of the people in my life have been sweet and wonderful. I’m so thankful to have so many great relationships full of love and kindness. I’m thankful to have learned Astrology and that it’s helping me to understand that which I can’t comprehend otherwise. I believe with knowledge and understanding I can let go of the hurt, hold onto the love, and grow.


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