February’s Crochet Challenge

I was recently involved in a community afghan making project. It was incredibly satisfying and inspiring. What a simple and effective way to help out. This blog is asking crocheters to donate 1 granny square a month to make blankets for charity. Granny squares are so easy and my favorite thing to crochet. I’m really excited to have found this blog.



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3 responses to “February’s Crochet Challenge

  1. Thelma Schoen

    Ahhh, Brian Tracy. I remember his workshops and recorded sessions; great lessons for life.

    It’s cool that you also crochet. I don’t. My grandmother taught me basics as a child, but couldn’t get the gauge even so I swiftly gave it up. I taught myself to knit as a young adult… but, have never attempted crochet again. HOWEVER, I want to knit fairies and I want their wings made from metallic thread… not normal yarn…. and, the wing patterns are best if they are crocheted.

    It’s great that you do community knitting. I just knit for three generations of my loved ones. So, my needles are always clicking.

    • I don’t even know who Brian Tracy is lol! I really liked they used from him though. I’ll have to look him up.

      Knit Fairies sound nice! I have a story about crochet much like yours. I couldn’t figure something pretty basic out, so I went about knitting and didn’t really look back for a long time. I like them both a lot. Lately I like to crochet more than knitting. I imagine I will continue bouncing around.

  2. Granny Squares of Love

    Thank you so much for re-blogging our post. I appreciate it so much that I am going to add your site to our blog roll. Thank you for all that you do!

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