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Year of Sewing: Month 1

I have been very successful in my first month of my year of sewing goal.  I sewed 28 days in January, only taking 3 days off. 

I have been pretty busy with all the stuff I’ve been doing, leaving much less time for blogging and other online stuff.  I have been online shopping quite a bit, but that’s all.

Here are some things I’ve made this month:

The last picture was the project that took most of my month.  It’s fun moving and redecorating, and I am lucky enough to sew new decorations for my home.  The possibilites were endless, so it was really hard to make a decision.  I am so happy with how it turned out and how they look.  The drapes were the biggest project I’ve ever sewed, I think it was over 14 yards of fabric. 

It was a good month!  I’m still very motivated to sew every day.  I have plans for February that may take the entire month.  It’s another big project.  I also have the rest of the windows in my house to put drapes on.


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WIP Wednesday: 1/05

This week’s WIP is actually just life.  Getting life to a regular schedule since moving is still our work in progress.

I have been sewing every day so far this year, bringing my grand total of days to 5.  That’s right, a whole 5 days!  Woohoo!  I am finishing up my first sewing project of the year this evening.  All I have to do is sew on a few buttons.

The sewing room itself is still a work in progress.  Sure everything is organized, clean and functioning, but we are putting up a fabric cutting table sometime in the near future, and I am excited!  My husband is also in the process of putting a new pulley system on his industrial machine. 

I also have two projects on the needles which is very unlike me.  Normally I start one then finish before I start the next.  I started a toddler sweater, and then got bored so I started a hat for my husband.  They are both coming along very well, it’s just a struggle finding time to sit down and work on them.  The sweater is Rufus Textured Cardigan by Kristen Rengren.  The hat is Knotty But Nice by Natalie Larson

I hope to have them both finished soon.  Meanwhile, I am just loving this cabled hat!  It looks so awesome, what a fun pattern!

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Year of Sewing

I’m sure today the blogging world is full of lists of everyone’s New Years Resolutions because today is just that day.  I know I have lots of goals I would love to accomplish, most of which are too private or too boring to blog about.

I do have one goal, however, that I would like to share. 

After my 30 Days of Sewing goal, I learned that I can get better at something if I just set aside a few minutes a day to work on it.  By sewing just 30 minutes a day, my sewing skills improved dramatically.  After the 30 days were over, I did another 30 days and another.  Then I got too busy with life events that my sewing had to be set aside.

Now that life has settled, I can once again do the things I love. 

This year, I have made a resolution to sew everyday for a whole year.

My actual goal is more lenient.  I know that I may not be able to sew every single day this year, so my goal is to sew 30 minutes a day 5 times a week.  I am going to sew 7 days a week when I can, so that way I can have “saved” days where I can go on vacation, or just those days I’m too busy.

So, to be technical, my goal is to sew 260 days this year.  I think that sounds like a very reasonable goal.  I feel confident that I can do this. 

The point of this is to set aside time in my day to do the things I love.  Please feel free to join me if you want! 

Happy 2011 Everyone!

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Friday Favorites: 2010

Tonight is the end of 2010.  I love New Years, but I find it to be bittersweet.  Another year down, as always, but sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye. 2010 was one of the best years of my life.

On New Years Day last year, I was mother to a 7 week old baby.  I was surviving through colicky nights and frequent nursings. Then there was the unknown of my husband’s upcoming training/ career change and all the change that would accompany that.

This New Years Eve, I’m mother to a 13 1/2 month old toddler who now gets around by walking.  He still nurses, but not anything compared to what he used to.  Now we are settled after all the change that has accompanied my husband’s successfully completed training/ career change.

Here’s some stuff my family has done in the past year:

My husband graduated EOD school (that’s such a big deal!)

Made new friends and said goodbye to friends, both new and old

Our family has moved twice

Road Tripped approximately 3383 miles of United States highway

Made it through our first childs first year and ALL the milestones that have come with that

Celebrated our baby’s first birthday

Found our love of sewing

We bought 3 sewing machines

Changed approximately  2920 diapers

Washed approximately 2820 diapers

My husband got 2 new tattoos (now he has 2!)

I knit 9 hats, 8 pairs of socks, 7 pairs of soakers and longies, 3 toys, 5 headbands, 3 dishcloths, 3 bags, my shawlette, a colorwork holiday stocking,  one adult sweater, one toddler sweater with another currently on the needles.

And that’s just the big stuff! 

2010 was filled with so many adventures!  Most of my years are not this action-packed, but some have been.  Still, it’s definitely been the most eventful year of my life.  I’ve enjoyed it very much, even the not-so-great moments.  I’m so happy looking back at it.  Thank you, 2010 for bringing me a year of life that I will never forget. 

I am excitedly welcoming 2011 with open arms.  I have big plans and big dreams, and I hope I can pursue them and have another adventurous year.


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Halloween Recap

We had a really fun Halloween.  Saturday we went birthday shopping for our son’s first birthday, had a good dinner at our favorite resturaunt, and had a photoshoot on the beach (more about that later.)  It was warm, pleasant and just the perfect weekend.  We didn’t get any trick or treaters though, we never do. 

Since Halloween is my favorite holiday, I felt a lot of pressure to make my son’s first Halloween very special.  I knew I wanted to make him a costume.  I started working on it in September, but due to crazy life events, it took me more than a month to finish it.  My husband had to help me the day before Halloween so that we could finish in time. 

Despite the fact that it took me so long, it was a very easy project.  I love the way it turned out.  He only ended up wearing it for the photos because it was over 80 degrees this weekend.

We found the perfect dog costume at Target.  We call this dog Cahrbuncle Charbronco (really long stupid story) so we thought it was fitting.  The pics didn’t turn out well, a blind dog in a costume gets agitated easily.

I finished the Skull Isle longies too.  They turned out pretty good for my first fair isle project.  I did have a hard time with the tension so it puckers a little in the colorwork areas.  Still, I’m happy with them.  He looks really cute in the pants.

At the first of October I made the Lil Pumpkin hat from Itty Bitty Hats.  Little D doesn’t like wearing it, but I like him to.  He is so cute in it.  The hat is so adorable, I am just in love with the pattern. 

We had a party at our house.  We had soup and beer batter bread, with apple cider to drink; our long standing Halloween tradition.  We had our friends over and it was a really fun night.  I just love Halloween!


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Sew Manly

My husband is in the military.  He collects guns and tactical gear.  Manly?  Oh, yeah.  He is the most manly man I have ever known.

Ever since I first met him, he has always been designing tactical gear and bags in his head.  One day last smmer, while browsing through a sewing store, he found a pattern for a diaper bag.  He thought it would make a great gear bag so he bought the pattern and the material to make it.

At first he asked me to sew it for him, but after looking throught the pattern, he decided he wanted to try it himself.  I showed him how to use the machine, and off he went.  After a weekend of nonstop sewing, his bag was finished, and a new man was created.  He was now a seamster (instead of seamstress).

He had a newfound appreciation for sewing, especially because it was a hobby be could have that wasn’t being threatened by laws (like gun stuff).

After he made the bag, he repurposed his old BDU uniforms into a quilt (a post about that later).

Our little machine was becoming and increasing problem for him.  It was small and finicky, and most home machines won’t sew through the type of material he was using.  After months of research, he bought a sewing machine for himself.  It’s a commercial machine and will sew through 1/2 inch thick leather.  It’s a beast.

After he purchased his machine, he has been sewing all kinds of gear.  He’s so good at sewing.  Our weekends are spent in the sewing room together, and we have really enjoyed it. 

There is a funny thing about a man sewing.  People say things like, “Wow, you’re really crafty” to him.  We both roll our eyes.  Crafty is popsicle sticks at 4H camp, or making holiday decorations for Super Saturday.  Sewing bags that hold magazine clips out of 1000 D nylon and chest rigs that hold shotgun shells is not crafty. 

When people come over and see his set up or the things he’s made, immediately they change their initial thoughts about him sewing.  “Holy crap, that’s awesome!”  

And he is awesome.


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Thank you Melissabear!

Yesterday’s blog post left me feeling quite drained.  I generally avoid confrontation and rarely engage in arguments.  However, there are some things I feel too strongly about to just ignore.  I suppose all of us have opinions that we are too passionate about. 

After I got off the internet yesterday the doorbell rang.  I opened the door and a package was lying there.  I opened it, and it was from my friend Melissa at Knitting a Baby.

Melissa and I have been friends for several months now, corresponding through blogs and Ravelry.  I feel we have become very close and an opportunity came up that I was going to be able to meet her… in person!  I was so excited, planning and researching what we could do together in the area.  About a week before the trip, my husband became very ill with pneumonia.  We weren’t able to make the drive to meet her.  I was severely disappointed.

Melissa had made Dylan a special present, which was what was in the package I received yesterday.  It is the cutest patchwork elephant.  She sewed it out of recycled felted sweaters.  We are both in love with this sweet present.  I just want to share it with everyone and to thank my dear friend for being so kind. 

Dylan especially loves the elephant’s tail. 

I love the elephant because to me, it represents kindness, selflessness, and that positive energy can go a long way.  There is good in the world, and I am lucky enough to have great friends.


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