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The Postpartum Belly

My plan is not going the way it was, well, planned.   I didn’t lose a full pound this week so there’s no way I’m going to lose 6 total by May 19.  That’s okay.  I was surprised at my reaction because I honestly didn’t care.  I’ve had a huge realization this week.

I need to love my postpartum body.  A pregnant belly is seen as something so beautiful, and it’s celebrated because a life is growing inside.  When pregnant, the belly isn’t obvious until well into the second half, so there’s several months of work in there before people begin celebrating it. 

For some reason our culture thinks that as soon as the baby’s born, the mother needs to look exactly the same as before.  I was really hating my saggy, stretch marked belly and then I came across an article about postpartum weight loss.  It said it can take up to a year before your belly skin shrinks back down.  A full year!  That’s longer than I was even pregnant.

So this got me thinking… if a pregnant belly is seen as something so beautiful, why shouldn’t a postpartum belly be beautiful as well?  After all, it’s the same belly, only better because I endured the 40 weeks of pregnancy and I pushed him out with my own strength.  Not only that, but I’m a small person and I had a large baby and too much amniotic fluid.  It literally looked like I was carrying twins at the end. 

As long as I’m trying to better myself (to me this means eating healthy and exercising) then I can love my body and especially my beautiful and still round belly.  It hasn’t even been 6 months yet and I’m already back to below my pre-pregnancy weight. 

And for the stretch marks?  I thought I was going to hate them.  In fact I did so well and didn’t get a single mark until 38 weeks.  Then one day I felt my skin tear and now my belly is covered in them.  But I earned them.  I lovingly call them my “mama marks”.  And I don’t care if someone else thinks they’re unsightly.The first pic is pre-pregnancy, then 40 weeks pregnant, and almost 6 months postpartum.

I did have a few things happen this week that I am so proud of.  I lost an inch off my waistline!  Now I have 2 more inches to go until I’m all the way back.  I’ve been doing push ups and sit ups followed by yoga in the evenings and I can’t believe how well my body is toning up.  This extra workout is making such a huge difference.  I’m very excited about it.

Because I lost another inch off my waistline, I had to put away my pregnancy underwear!  This was a really big deal to me.  I wasn’t fitting in my pre-preg ones because my belly still needed the extra room to be comfortable.  Well, I’m excited to say they’re put away for good, or if I get pregnant again.



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Some new goals

I’ve only managed to lose another pound in two weeks.  It’s totally my fault though.  I missed an entire week of the gym because I was sick.  I’m better now and I was so happy to dance in Zumba this morning.  I also have strayed very far from my diet.  My husband and I tag teamed a chocolate ganache cake for a party we hosted.  Luckily it was mostly eaten by our guests, but I have eaten too many of the leftovers. That’s just one thing, but for the past 2 weeks I haven’t really cared about what I’ve been eating.

So anyway, my parents are coming to visit in a little over 3 weeks.  I originally wanted to do an 8 week thing, but now I have more motivation for my weight loss.  My new goal is to lose 6 pounds by the time they come.  Is it realistic?  Yes, but not probable.  I think now that I have a reason I can really work harder and have a strong motivation.  I’m actually going to cut calories now.   I need to track my food and keep a close eye on what goes in my mouth.  Honestly eating a strict vegetarian diet and going to the gym has been enough to lose a pound a week, so now if I pay close attention to my food I could maybe lose 2 pounds a week.

I’m not doing this so I can impress my parents.  I just think that with a deadline I can work harder.  It’s nice to have an end in sight anyway.

Well, wish me luck!


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Week 5 and a crazy weekend.

I have just completed week 5 of my 8 week weight loss/ cleanse diet.  Why 8 weeks?  I don’t know, I just figured that was an amount of time I could commit to.  At the end of the 8 weeks I plan to evaluate my progress and then change if I need to.  I only have 3 weeks left and I really don’t plan to change anything.  Everything is going great!

Well, guess what?  As of Friday I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  After having a baby I look different, larger bust, saggy stretch marked belly, and bigger hips, but I weigh the same!  I’ll have to post pictures of me pre-pregnancy and me now.  I just need someone to take the pics for me.  Anyway, so I celebrated this weekend!

We decided to go out to lunch one day and I was excited that I wouldn’t have to cook or clean up any messes.  So I narrowed it down to 2 places, the new German place and the newly remodeled Chinese place.  The German place was closed on Sundays and the Chinese place was again closed for remodeling.  I was very disappointed because I love trying new places to eat.  And I am excited to try the German place because they have a few vegetarian options.  How cool is that?

So we decided to try out “Beef O’ Brady’s” because it was the only restaurant listed on the tourist map in our town.  I can always find something to eat anywhere, so we thought we’d take a look at the menu.

Before I go into the story more, I just want to say something.  I am vegetarian, my husband is not.  When I see a Thanksgiving turkey I don’t see a beautifully roasted feast, but a cooked carcass on the table.  This is how I’ve always been, even though I’ve only been vegetarian for 1 yr 8 months.  But I’ve finally accepted my sensitive side and I’m very very satisfied with my choice of lifestyle.  That said, I feel bad and I don’t want to restrict my meat eating husband from eating what he wants.  I cook him meat and I will go out to eat with him anyway.  My husband is so supportive of me and he is so great with all this.  But still, I never want him to feel restricted by my choices.

So we go into “Beef O’ Brady’s” after I strongly insisted we should.  We look at the menu and there is not one meatless option but the side salad and fries.  I don’t like eating side salad and fries as a meal, but whatever.  Anyway, the waitress comes over and rushes us through our order.  My husband asked about the vegetarian options, and she says there aren’t any and gives me a goofy look.  I’m used to this look by now and I feel like I put up with a lot of crap for my meatless lifestyle.  After we order, she walks into the kitchen and tells her waitress friends I’m a vegetarian.  Her friend says, “Why would a vegetarian come to Beef O’ Brady’s?”  and several waitress roar in laughter, making fun of me. 

I feel my face get hot and tears start welling up in my eyes.  My husband didn’t hear and asked what the matter was.  I told him, his face got red too and we just got up and left. 

I can get a veggie burger at Buffalo Wid Wings and Burger King.  I can go into a seafood place and get a meal.  Chili’s even has a bean burger! I have never been to a place that has absolutely nothing.  Had I been with a group of other veg’s  No, we wouldn’t have gone in there.  If someone doesn’t drink coffee but goes into a coffee shop with their coffee drinking friend, they can order something that isn’t coffee.  Generally places have other things on their menus that isn’t in their title.

Well, today I’m over it but still a bit angry and embarrassed.  If I can muster up the courage, that manager will get a [meek and timid] earful.

So we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant, “La Rumba”.  They have a vegetarian menu and I had a lot to choose from.  I’ve been missing ice cream so I ordered a virgin Mango Colada.  Oh, it was so good.  It didn’t have alcohol in it because I don’t care to drink, especially since I’m breastfeeding.  They say it’s okay, but I still don’t feel comfortable and would prefer to avoid it altogether. 

My baby is getting very curious about food.  He’s not quite ready for solids yet, but I let him have tastes of things.  I let him lick my banana or pear, and stuff like that.  He doesn’t actually get any food yet, but I don’t think there’s any harm in tasting.  Anyway, I was letting him lick my straw from my virgin mango colada, and people around were giving me the strangest looks.  I didn’t put it together until after we left, but they didn’t know it was virgin!  They thought I was giving my 5 month old alcohol!  We got a good laugh about it after we realized what the looks were for. 

That was my crazy weekend.  All this happened within an afternoon. 

I’ve been so happy with my diet. I haven’t been counting or reducing calories and I eat as much as I want, but still avoiding animal products.  I’ve lost 5 pounds, a pound a week.  Everyone said I would never get my body back, but I now weigh the same and I feel great.  My belly skin is shrinking at a surprising rate.  And I feel fantastic.  I’m so very happy with all this.


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Week 4 goals

I’ve completed 3 of 8 weeks on my cleanse diet.  I’ve lost 3 pounds, a steady pound a week.

I did well this week, I didn’t eat random sweets like I had been doing.  I kept my goal of drinking a gallon of water a day, but I didn’t write down all my meals.  I’m having a hard time tracking and counting calories.  I eat a lot, and I get hungry a lot.  Baby’s still exclusively breastfed so he’s getting everything he needs from me.  I’m steadily losing weight so I’m not going to cut any more calories.  I’m eating a strict vegetarian diet so I’m making really healthy choices for my meals. 

Last week I had a hard time with dinner because I kept forgetting to plan a menu.  That will be my goal this week: Plan a menu and stick to it! 

Taking out all white sugars has been great.  I’ve been putting Agave Nectar in my morning drink.  I’ve fallen in love with tea again, this from a huge coffee fanatic.  I found this product at the store that’s Chai tea concentrate.  I just mix equal parts of soymilk and the concentrate and heat.  The soymilk foams up and it’s a latte!  Hooray!  I am loving this and so is my husband.

When we first moved to the south we discovered sweet tea.  We’ve had it in our house since then.  I recently discovered you can buy iced tea bags with green tea instead of black tea.  I’ve been brewing this instead and I just love it!  I’m not sweetening it and who knew unsweetened tea could taste so great?  If we do want it sweetened we add Agave nectar to the cold glass and it mixes really well even in cold drinks. 

I bought a Sam’s Club size package of kiwi fruit.  It’s 3 pounds!  I love kiwi and I’m excited to be eating it so freely this week.  I set it on the counter and sort of forgot it was there.  When I went back in the kitchen for some reason I thought it was a box of donuts.  I was thinking, “Ooh, I miss donuts.” then it hit me, it’s the kiwis!  I was so excited again.  I would much rather have kiwis than donuts.

Today is the beginning of week 4.  It’s been a good day so far.  I woke up early and washed a load of diapers, went to Zumba class, and when I got home I was able to catch up on all the housework. 

My goals for this week: Take things as they come.  Baby’s been very moody, I hope he gets back to his normal self soon.  I hope I can stay on top of all the cleaning because if it gets piled up it suddenly turns from a chore to a battle.  Things have been going well so far so I’m setting a goal to try to keep things as great as they have been.

I have some new knitting goals.  Last week it was the headbands and I almost reached my goal, I just have one last headband to knit.  I want to make baby a bunny for Easter.  And of course, finish that other sock.

Well, that was a random post.  I’m excited for this new week, I hope everything goes well.  So far so good!


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Week 2 is now complete.  This week I worked out 5 times, I added a Zumba class.  I first heard about Zumba from my friend’s blog and when I saw they had a class at my new gym, I was excited to try it out.  I went to a breif beginner class, followed by the actual class.  I tell ya, I’ve never had so much fun during a workout.  I learned to really shake my booty!  I went again this morning, and I do love it so much!

Yoga was fun this week.  I’m getting more flexible and stronger.  I brought my own mat in the Yoga Mat Bag I made a while ago.  It was my first lace project.  Everyone in the class made such a big fuss about it, it was fun getting all those compliments on a beginner lace project.  I hope to make a more advanced one later.

I lost 2 pounds in the past two weeks.  A little disappointing, I thought it was more since this weekend I was rockin’ my size 4 jeans again!  That was really exciting.  I’ve lost the whole 2 pounds off my waist I’m sure! 

I bought a new sports bra this weekend.  It’s a lot better than my Motherhood Maternity nursing sports bra.  It offered NO support.  I got a really nice Saucony brand one.  My bust size has sure changed since pre-pregnancy.  I went from a 34C to a 34DD!  I guess when they’re full of milk they’ll be lots bigger.

This week I’m really going to be serious about the diet part of my plan.  Last week I ate too much saltwater taffy, and I didn’t track my food intake.  So my goal is to first plan my daily meals, then write down everything I eat as I eat it.  Also I want to drink a lot more water and track that too.  I’d like to practice yoga on my own.  Hopefully I can do that 4 times this week.


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Week 1; a review

I have successfully completed the first of 8 weeks for my cleanse.  I have to say, this week was just amazing.  I don’t know if it was working out again and getting all those endorphins, or going vegan, but I felt great.  We had some wonderful food this week, I can’t believe none of it had any animal product in it.

I honestly think most of it was taking the animal product out of my diet.  I was vegan prepregnancy and during that time I felt great too.  I didn’t go all out vegan this first week though.  My husband is into chocolate making and he made his first truffles.  He infused the cream with coffee and it was TO DIE FOR!!  He’s such an amazing chocolatier.  I know it isn’t the best to stuff your face with homemade truffles while on a cleanse diet, but hey, what can you do?

I attended a yoga class this week.  It was great and I was more flexible than I thought I was going to be.  So I didn’t make a total ass of myself, lol.  I have been to a few yoga classes where I did.  My gym rocks, childcare has been great and the baby has just loved it.  I love my hour a day of alone time. 

This week has been the beginning of something wonderful.

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