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Rising above our Astrological signs

I’ve been talking about Astrology this week and thinking about it nonstop. I’m using natal charts to help me work through some past trauma and to help me understand myself as well as the relationships in my life.

A few months ago I was exploring the Kundalini Yoga website, 3HO.org, and found a teaching from Yogi Bhajan. He said that Astrology is our nature, our starting point. It’s what we’re given at birth but it’s our job to rise above it. To learn to be kind and loving to everyone around us, no matter what our nature is.

I think of Astrology like the great cosmic lottery. It’s possible that we chose our exact moment of birth based on what was written in the stars, but it’s also possible that’s it’s only a game of chance. Especially for all the babies that were induced and didn’t have a choice in the matter.

For me, I ended up being a lunar Pisces. Had I been born later in the same day, I would be a lunar Aries (yes, the exact personality I was complaining about). I can’t even imagine how different my life would be if I was not constantly subject to the ebb and flow of my powerful emotions. If instead, I was headstrong and didn’t care what people thought of me. If my feelings weren’t hurt so easily and I could run at my goals with that awesome energy.

We’re all so different. As a tender personality I am hurt easily but I can learn to get over that. By learning Astrology I am understanding people’s behaviors. As a big personality, one can hurt the tender personalities but if they were just a little more mindful of how their behaviors were being received, then they could prevent a lot of heartache. We can all rise above our nature.

Our natal charts define the ego. Through meditation and living mindfully, I’ve discovered that I am not my ego. I am pure consciousness and a creator of my reality. If I can let go of ego I can create my reality consciously and not through the filter of the finicky personality traits that were assigned to me at my moment of birth. I’m so much more than that. YOU are so much more than that.

I also feel that it has been an important part of my journey to discover Astrology and use it to help me. By knowing my ego I can let go of my ego. But I cannot immediately transcend my nature and the people around me probably won’t be doing so either. Especially those that are not even aware of their own behaviors and natural instincts or those that don’t care to go down a spiritual path or learning about their true Self.

All my spiritual lessons lead me back to the same place. LOVE. Love is all we really are and love is the only thing we should be projecting out to the universe. We must find balance and through that balance we can rise above ego, manage the negative emotions of ourselves and those around us. We are all capable of this even if it is constant work. If we all put a little effort into projecting love everyday, the world would surely be a more loving place.




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Year of Sewing

I’m sure today the blogging world is full of lists of everyone’s New Years Resolutions because today is just that day.  I know I have lots of goals I would love to accomplish, most of which are too private or too boring to blog about.

I do have one goal, however, that I would like to share. 

After my 30 Days of Sewing goal, I learned that I can get better at something if I just set aside a few minutes a day to work on it.  By sewing just 30 minutes a day, my sewing skills improved dramatically.  After the 30 days were over, I did another 30 days and another.  Then I got too busy with life events that my sewing had to be set aside.

Now that life has settled, I can once again do the things I love. 

This year, I have made a resolution to sew everyday for a whole year.

My actual goal is more lenient.  I know that I may not be able to sew every single day this year, so my goal is to sew 30 minutes a day 5 times a week.  I am going to sew 7 days a week when I can, so that way I can have “saved” days where I can go on vacation, or just those days I’m too busy.

So, to be technical, my goal is to sew 260 days this year.  I think that sounds like a very reasonable goal.  I feel confident that I can do this. 

The point of this is to set aside time in my day to do the things I love.  Please feel free to join me if you want! 

Happy 2011 Everyone!

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30 Days of Sewing

I am not a good seamstress.  I’ve dabbled with sewing a bit, but not enough to really increase my skill level.  Because of my inexperience, I don’t like to sew.  I want to so bad though.  I look at projects other bloggers are posting about and I wish I could do the same.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from the countless, wasted hours of playing “The Sims 2 & 3”, it’s that to increase your skill level, you just have to do it.  Sims aspire to gain skill points, and right now I have an aspiration to be a decent seamstress.

I have made a challenge for myself.  I want to sew everyday for 30 days for 30 minutes a day.  I need to manage my time better, and I really only have 30 minutes in a day I can and want to spend on this goal.  Hopefully it will be enough to accomplish something, and I’m sure doing it for 30 days straight will allow time to finish projects.

Anyone is welcome to join me.  I will be posting about it as much as I can, even though lately I haven’t had much time for blogging.  Well, I’m off to start this challenge now!


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A Sock Person

I am a sock person.  Ever since I was small I have had a facination with them.  One of my early childhood memories involves them. I was about 3 years old and my family was about the leave the house. My dad told my brother and I to put on our shoes and socks.  I put my shoes on, then my socks over my shoes.  I can only imagine how irritated my dad was at my little snarky joke.

As an older child I collected fun socks.  I had all the current Disney characters and every morning before school seeing thier faces on my feet made me so happy.  As a teenager I spent most of my school clothes money buying funky socks.  I had so many pairs of toe socks, it was ridiculous really.  I loved fun patterns, knee highs, very colorful striped socks.  I always felt like I had a fun secret from the world that only I knew about.

In high school I always wore the most obnoxious socks to my cross country meets.  I never ran the races in them, but they were a feet treat for after.

It makes perfect sense to me that now that I knit that I love knitting socks.  No, I have an obsession with knitting socks.  I think about them constantly.  I have to buy a skein or two of sock yarn every time I stop by the LYS or make a Knit Picks order (Knit Picks has the best sock yarn).  I don’t even feel like it counts as my normal stash.  Yarn for socks is different than yarn for other projects.

I want to replace all the socks in our house with hand knit socks.  This is quite a goal because my husband needs lots of boot socks for work.  So my current goal is to knit the two of us a pair of socks each month.  I feel like this is an achievable goal and it leaves time in the month to do other projects as well, but always making time for my knitting obsession.  It will feel so good to throw 2 pairs of our old socks out and replace them with new socks made with the most luxurious yarn.

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Some new goals

I’ve only managed to lose another pound in two weeks.  It’s totally my fault though.  I missed an entire week of the gym because I was sick.  I’m better now and I was so happy to dance in Zumba this morning.  I also have strayed very far from my diet.  My husband and I tag teamed a chocolate ganache cake for a party we hosted.  Luckily it was mostly eaten by our guests, but I have eaten too many of the leftovers. That’s just one thing, but for the past 2 weeks I haven’t really cared about what I’ve been eating.

So anyway, my parents are coming to visit in a little over 3 weeks.  I originally wanted to do an 8 week thing, but now I have more motivation for my weight loss.  My new goal is to lose 6 pounds by the time they come.  Is it realistic?  Yes, but not probable.  I think now that I have a reason I can really work harder and have a strong motivation.  I’m actually going to cut calories now.   I need to track my food and keep a close eye on what goes in my mouth.  Honestly eating a strict vegetarian diet and going to the gym has been enough to lose a pound a week, so now if I pay close attention to my food I could maybe lose 2 pounds a week.

I’m not doing this so I can impress my parents.  I just think that with a deadline I can work harder.  It’s nice to have an end in sight anyway.

Well, wish me luck!


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Online Negativity

I’ve been spending too much time online.  I know when this happens because things start getting negative in forums.  I always have good intentions but inevitably I end up putting my foot in my mouth. 

For example, every now and then through pregnancy I would hang out on the trimester boards on the WebMD community.  Occasionally I would exchange in positive conversations.  Well in my second trimester someone was venting that people were giving them a hard time about smoking during pregnancy.  One person linked a whole bunch of articles saying why they shouldn’t smoke while pregnant.   Everyone on the board freaked out on the girl that offered the links.  I thought it was an unfair reaction so I stuck up for this girl.  I also told the original poster that she shouldn’t state on a medical message board that she smokes while pregnant.  I got a super negative response and I took a good long break from that message board and the internet in general.  It was good to get offline and get back to my own life though.

Toward the end of pregnancy everyone in my same trimester was posting about scheduled C-sections and inductions, ways to self-induce, dilation, effacement and what have you.  One girl was all upset because she really didn’t want to be induced but her Dr. was recommending it, but not forcing her.  I offered advice saying that she shouldn’t be forced to do anything she was uncomfortable with.  Then I continued saying too many women get induced when it’s unnecessary and it leads to too many C-sections.  Well, just about everyone on the board flipped out on me.  I though what I said was innocent enough, but they had been offended.  I have never been back to the board, especially since I had to be induced myself.  It was not voluntary, but medically necessary.  Anyway, I felt I had really put my foot in my mouth.

So this week I started chiming in on a post in the Vegetarian Cooking group on Ravelry.  Rachel Ray had done a 30 Minute Meals that was vegetarian and the main course was pasta.  So a bunch of members said it was a cop-out to do pasta as a main dish, and vegetarians eat too much pasta and that’s why so many of them are overweight.  Enter me, all dumb.  I said “Are a lot of vegetarians overweight?  I’ve actually been able to finally control my weight after switching.  I don’t do dairy though.”  I upset a lot of people by this comment.  This really wasn’t my intention, and I felt it the question was innocent enough.

Well, I guess it was hurtful because as a vegetarian I was placing stereotypes on other vegetarians.  I didn’t mean to.  But I assumed other vegetarians had had similar experiences to mine, and thus other vegetarians were also quite health conscious.  Wow, I really feel stupid now.  But in my defense I don’t know any other vegetarians personally, just others that I blog with.  These other blogs are about health conscious vegan recipes.  Many other blogs I read talk about their struggle to gain weight, not their struggle with losing weight.

Even so, I was clearly in the wrong and I feel so bad about it.  I shouldn’t assume because “it makes an ass of u and me” but just me in this case.

Back to my original point, this signals to me that I’ve been spending too much time online and in forums.  I shouldn’t be so open with strangers.  Well, now I’ve made a goal to limit my online endeavours.  I am going to only allow myself 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening.  No more plopping down on the couch, picking up the laptop and making people feel bad.

My time will be better spent doing what I love… knitting for my sweet baby boy.


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