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The Easter Bunny

Once upon a time a magical bunny laid an egg and now we celebrate Easter!  Here are pictures of this magical bunny.

I made my DH his first pair of boot socks.  His are getting worn out and since I love knitting socks so much I made a goal to replace them all with hand knit socks.

The two of us recently made a strange pact.  He wanted to build a gun and all the parts he needed to order came to a total of $1400.  I told him that he could spend that much if I could spend the same on yarn.  He agreed so we went to Knit Picks and put everything I wanted in the cart.   It came to a total of $280.  Not even close, but I’m still super happy! 

Now I have a closet entirely full of yarn!  I have projects lined up for about 6 months!

I found out about the Ravelympics Badge of Glory after the preorders had closed.  I was so devestated!  I checked the notify me when this becomes available.  Finally this week they emailed me!  I did not want to miss out this time, and so I ordered it.  Since I was ordering from the mini mart I added a few shirts too, just for fun.

What a fun week full of knitting related adventures!



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Breastfeeding in Public

When I finished my February Lady Sweater, I wanted to photograph it exactly the way I would be using it.  I nurse my baby many many times a day, and I wear him constantly.  I have recieved mixed responses about this picture:

Is this innappropriate?  I REALLY don’t think so, but some would disagree.  First of all, when I posted this on Ravelry I recieved and huge positive feedback.  I recieved  17 comments, even more messages, and it was favorited 34 times.  All this feedback was so sweet and supportive, everyone telling me how much they loved this picture, and how nice it is to show support for breastfeeding.

On Facebook, however, this was not the case.  I recieved several messages and a comment claiming it was innapropriate and I should take it down.  “We’re all for breastfeeding” they would say, “but you don’t need to show it to the world.”  If this truly were the case, then I would never have posted such a provocative picture.  I NEED to show it to the world.  Our society needs to see this as normal, because unfortunately it’s still seen as indecent.

It’s not their fault though.  The people I’m talking about are super conservative and from UTAH of all places, where no one even shows their ankles or wrists (sarcasm).

I breastfeed in public and I don’t use a cover.  I’ve exposed myself to many people.  It’s not on purpose of course.  It’s important to understand that mothers need to feed their babies.  Babies don’t like being “tucked away neatly” under a blanket.  Mine throws it off, it’s too hot for him to eat his lunch in a makeshift tent.  I’m not whipping out my boobies and flashing people like in “Girls Gone Wild.”  My baby needs access to his food, and if you happen to catch a glimpse, I can assure you, it is NOT for your benefit and honestly you don’t have the right to be offended.

I am very discreet and people rarely know what I’m doing.  The few times I did use a cover it wasn’t very discreet, I ended up making a big scene because it was difficult to maneuver under it.  If any readers out there do use one, that’s perfectly fine.  This is just my personal preference.

When I do nurse in public, I get a great response from other people.  The older men smiling in approval, the grandma who’s been there and misses it, the other new mother who’s needing to do the same, and so on.  My favorite response is when a mother of a toddler sees me nursing and tells her young child that’s how babies get their food.  This makes me so happy, that these children know what normal is.

I understand that things have gotten so much easier for the breastfeeding mother.  I grew up in Utah which is 20 years behind in showing acceptance for nursing in public.  So it’s understandable, but still inexcusible (so glad I don’t live there right now! haha).  I just want to add that it’s not ALL people from Utah, just the few that make life hard for everyone else.

I am SO grateful I don’t have to fight a battle everytime I feed him in public.   I’m glad all the work is done for me, but still it’s unfortuante that the few random people have to be so closed minded.

Finally I want to say that I LOVE Ravelry.  I have found so many great friends there, especially in the Itty Bitty Knits group.  Thanks to all those who commented, messaged and also fav’ed my project.  This positive feedback has been so wonderful, I feel like crying.


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Ravelympics Finish Line

I finally crossed the finish line!!! It was rough going and there was a point that I didn’t know if I was going to make it, but I “sprinted” to the finish line and made it just in time. An adult sweater may not have been the most logical Ravelympics project to choose with a 3 month old baby and in the middle of a move, but it is said that fortune favors the bold. After all, that is what the Ravelympics are all about, bringing the Olympic spirit to our lives. Dreaming big and daring to attempt something great or difficult, and above all proving to yourself what you are able to accomplish.

Words cannot express how happy I am with the finished product. It was a lot of hard work, but working on it brought me great comfort in a very stressful time. I finished the knitting last night and blocked it. This morning when I tried it on, it exceeded all my expectations. I even had enough time to knit a matching headband in the same lace pattern.

The color is squirrel heather, chosen in honor of the squirrels that frolicked and played in our yard constantly while we lived in South Carolina. It is made of 100% Merino wool and the buttons are wooden toggle buttons bought in SC.

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February Lady Lace Headband

I have lots of yarn leftover from my sweater so I thought I would make a matching headband with the lace pattern.  It was really easy and I knit it up in less than an hour.  Here’s how I made it.

US 8/ 5 mm knitting needles.  I used DPNs as straight needles

Worsted weight yarn

CO 11 sts.

Row 1: K3, K2tog, YO, K1, YO, SSK, K3

Row 2 and 4: K2, P7, K2

Row 3: K2, K2tog, YO, K3,  YO, SSK, K2

Repeat until headband is 16 inches long, or to fit snugly around your head.  It should be noted that the lace pattern stretches quite a bit so make sure to keep it short.  Use 3 needle Bind off or simply bind off and seam 2 ends together.


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Wordless Wednesday

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Back on Track and Feeling Optimistic

Things are going much better with my Feb. Lady Sweater.  First a few thank- you’s are in order.

Dylan: Thank you for being a sweet baby today.  You’re a sweet baby 90% of the time, but you have your moments.  Thanks for letting me work on my knitting today.

To my DH: Thank you for helping me with the eyelet increase row.  Without your math skills I would not have evenly spaced the increases.   And thank you so so so so much for fixing my cabled needle.  Without it I wouldn’t have a project.  I love you!!!

Today I made great progress.  This is a great pattern.  The lace is simple and elegant.  Now that I’ve separated the sleeves it’s going very quickly.  I’ve learned to join a new ball with a felted join, courtesy of knittinghelp.com.  I don’t think it will take me too much longer.  I will for sure finish by the 28th.


My DH had a going away dinner tonight at his work.  Dylan and I worked on the sweater while we visited with his co-workers.

Yay for a great day of knitting!  I hope everyone else is doing well with their Ravelypics projects.

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Weekend Progress

Well.  What a weekend for knitting.  I cast on my February Lady Sweater for the Ravelympics during the opening ceremonies.  That went well and the project was flying off the needles. I was so excited!  The next day I had a fussy baby and didn’t get to my goal.  Sunday again a VERY fussy baby.  At the end of the night I was sliding the stitches on the cabled needle and the cable broke!  My project fell on the floor and I had to rip it back pretty far.  I lost my whole days work.  Today I fixed the problem and started knitting again.  I hit a wall and we had to leave the house so I could recover my creativity and desire to continue this project.  A trip to the bookstore and browsing through knitting books and magazines was just what I needed to feel better.  We got home and I quickly began working on my project again.  FUSSY FUSSY baby.  He has been screaming so hard.  I hate it when he gets to the point where he stops breathing.  Why can’t I just work on my sweater?  I want to finish it in time.  I suppose I shouldn’t have chose such a large project with a small baby and also in the middle of a move.  I have a whole week left of nothing going on… I can do this, I just need the baby to cooperate!

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