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Friday Favorites II

My sock obsession continues, and perhaps is more extreme this week.  I’ve decided I’m in love with stockings.  Lacy knee highs are sexy, and they would be perfect lingerie and go well with a flirty skirt.  Today my stocking obsession is Bintje-Socks by Jatta Saukko.  I love the lacy pattern and the picot cuff is just icing on the cake.  Hmmm… now that I think of it, maybe I also have a thing for picot cuffs on socks.  Anyway, look how beautiful these are!  I MUST make them.  I don’t know when, but sometime.

Photo by Jatta Saukko

Speaking of socks, I made my husband’s last pair of socks with some wonderful yarn, Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine.  This yarn is 50% wool, 20% Superfine Alpaca and 30% Nylon.  It’s oh so soft, sturdy, and it was perfect to cable with.  The colors are all beautiful, most of which are heathered.  It’s 430 yards at $10.50 a hank.  It takes a full hank to make a pair, and it’s about half the price as other comparable yarns.  The only problem was it was a bit splitty when ripped back, but it wasn’t bad.  Anyway, this yarn was fantastic and I will be using it again and again!

I go through phases with who my favorite designer is.  This week (and most of the time really), it’s Kirstin Kapur.  Her patterns are elegant, fun, and full of cables!  She was recently interviewed on the Petite Purls blog, and after reading it, I love her even more.  She has a group on Ravelry, and a great blog called Through the Loops.  She was the designer of the Make-up socks I made earlier this summer.

I talk about my own favorites too much.  All day we listen to music on Pandora via the Roku box.   This week Little D has a favorite song.  It’s Patrick and Eugene’s The Birds and the Bees.  When it comes on, he crawls to the TV as fast as he can, pulls himself up on the entertainment center, and shakes his little bum.  It’s the cutest thing in the world.  Should I be worried that his favorite song is called the Birds and the Bees?  Maybe it will save me from an awkward conversation in the future.   


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Get Well Soon Socks

My sock design is finished!  Pattern is available as a free Ravelry download.

When my husband became ill with pneumonia, I wanted to make him as comfortable as possible. In addition to pushing fluids and making him bland meals, I decided to make him a pair of socks.
The cables make these man socks cozy, perfect for times when he’s under the weather. They are knit toe-up and have Sivia Harding’s toe-up heel flap incorporated into them. She has graciously given me permission to use her heel design.
I’ve added some links to instructional tutorials for some techniques in the pattern.

Magic Cast On

Short row heel

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WIP Wednesday 9/15

This week all I have on my needles is still my husband’s socks.  I usually knit socks two at a time, but since this is my design, I knit the first, and the second is a test knit.  I’m just about to turn the heel on the second sock.

Yesterday a large portion of my day I was actually writing the pattern.  I’m not familiar with making my own PDF files for download, so I was researching all about that.  I was able to create a cable chart, which was very exciting.  Thanks to the design group on Ravelry most of my questions were answered without even having to ask them.  It’s great knowing the information is out there, all I needed to do was look.

For the most part the pattern is written, it just needs minor tweaking and it will be available soon.  I need to finish the second sock so I can put some pictures in it too.  I am very excited about this!  I can’t decide whether to ask for test knitters or not because it’s going to be a free pattern.  If there is anyone out there who would like to test knit it, I can have an unofficial draft ready by Friday.  Please let me know if you are interested. 

I’m currently not working on anything sewing related.  We did clean the room up so I could sew with a cruising baby so I will be getting back to my sewing soon.

I suppose that’s all for WIP Wednesday today.  I don’t even have pictures to share.    

I hope everyone is enjoying their current WIPs as much as I am enjoying this one.

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WIP Wednesday: My First Sock Design

I’ve decided to try designing a pair of Men’s socks.  So far I’ve made my husband 3 pair of socks he can wear to work, and I’m slowly but surely going to put 10 pair in his sock drawer.  It’s hard finding fun patterns for men, but there are many out there.  Designing my own pattern has been so much fun.  I’m so excited for them to be finished and to share the pattern with everyone.  Here’s a sneak peak.


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WIP Wednesday: ribbed socks and an apron

Last week I started some socks for my husband.  I’m using the Oak Ribbed Sock pattern from the book, Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush.  So far I’ve worked the cuff and leg.  Today I started on the heel flaps and I hope I will have turned both heels by the end of the day.  I am using my new Knit Picks Harmony Wood circular needles for magic loop.  I’m also using Knit Picks yarn, it’s Gloss in Parsley.  I’m really enjoying these needles for magic loop.  Casting on top down two at a time was difficult, and despite my research efforts, I found nothing online about doing this.  Maybe two at a time magic loop is a newer method?  I don’t know. 

My sewing project today is the Granny’s Clothespin Apron for the book, One Yard Wonders.  Yesterday I attempted to begin sewing, but I did not understand what the pattern was telling me to do.  Sewing patterns are another language to me.  I feel like many I have come across are worded to where I can’t understand what they are telling me to do.  Long story short, I knew it wanted me to make a bias tape edging on the pocket.  I was mad at the pattern and decided to do it my way.  So I made the bias tape and zigzag stitched it on.  Well, come to find out, it was just having me put the bias tape on in a way that would show no seams.  Ha, they should have stated it so obviously.  Oh well, I’m not going to fix it, I’ve had enough with it.  So I continued on and I’m actually nearly finished with the project.  I worked for an hour today because yesterday’s time was absolutely wasted, and I wanted to make up for it.

So today was day 15 of my 30 days of sewing, the half way point!  I have fallen behind on my days, it really should have been day 17.  Between a busy weekend and a grumpy baby, 2 days I skipped my sewing goal.


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Cherries popped.

On Wednesday I finally finished my socks.  I already posted most of what I had to say about them in this post.  So they were my first toe-up, two at a time, magic loop, short row heel, and stretchy sewn bind off.  On top of that it was my first time following a cabling chart and knitting through the back loops.  It was rated as an experienced level pattern. 

The only problem I came across was the error with the pattern in the book, and I had already started them when I realized there was a problem.  I tore them down and started again, but it didn’t bother me.  I wanted them to be perfect.  Additionally every sock I have made so far out of Joy of Sox has an errata, so I’ve made a habit of checking their project pages on Ravelry before casting on.

The yarn was crazy.  I love winding hanks into center-pull balls when I’m really stressed out.  When I got the yarn out to wind it, I found it was a huge tangled mess.  It took me hours to wind it into a ball.  I was quite discouraged and felt that I wouldn’t buy Malabrigo sock again.  After knitting with it though, I have changed my mind about that.  I bought another hank recently and I had an easier time with it.  I suppose it was because I was prepared to work with the tangles.  Truthfully I think it’s unacceptable to charge $22 US for a hank of yarn that you have to untangle, but I guess Malabrigo sock is just that good.

These socks have changed me as a knitter.  I knew I was a sock person before, but now it’s different.  Lately I have been dreaming about socks all night long.  I wake up eager to get to work on them.  Now I’m starting to appreciate them as a work of art.  They are the best type of art as they are so functional.  I consider myself to be a functional person and I rarely do anything that isn’t. 

Socks are the perfect knit for me, and I am so proud of this pair.


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The Cherry Poppers

As I have already stated, I have a goal to replace all the socks in our house with hand knit socks.  I still think of myself as a novice sock knitter as I have only knit 3 pairs of adult socks and 7 pairs of baby socks.  If you are a sock knitter, you know how many methods of sock knitting there are.  For you non sock knitters you can knit a pair of socks on double pointed needles (old style), two circular needles on one sock at a time, toe up or top down, one long circular or magic loop, two at a time, or even knit on straight needles and sew it up when you are done.  So far I have only stuck to what I know. . . knitting on DPN’s.  I did however venture out and make a pair of baby socks using two circulars. 

The first project for my recent goal is the “Make Up Socks” from the book “The Joy of Sox”.  I love this book.  The sock patterns are so pretty and the entire book is one big innuendo.  The patterns all have names like “Afternoon Delight”, “Quickie Sox”, and the such.  In this book most socks are worked toe up on two circulars or magic loop and have short row heel shaping, which are all things that I have never attempted.  So keeping with the spirit of the book I am naming these socks “The Cherry Poppers” because they are my first time with so many different techniques.  They are my first toe up, magic loop, two at a time and short row heels.  They are still a work in progress but so far I am in love.  I just finished the heels and was able to try them on before finishing the ankles.  They are so great.  I am so happy that my first time with all these things was with a pair of socks that I love so much and that are for myself.  This is also my first time using Malabrigo Sock yarn which I LOVE! 


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