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Wacky Wednesday: Vegans everywhere are giggling

On a recent roadtrip we saw this sign while passing through Georgia.  I think they were trying to say it’s “udderly delicious” but the word “Moo-licious” sounds a lot like malicious.  The vegan in me giggles, because to me this sign says the exploitation of cows for dairy is “Udderly Malicious” or Moo-licious.


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Wacky Wednesday: YAAAAARN!!!

After a recent Stash Enrichment Expedition (or S.E.X. as it’s referred to in knitter’s circles) I just got too excitied.  I threw all my yarn on the floor and rolled around in it, enjoying the soft luxurious new yarns.  This was literally my dream come true.  In fact, I’ve actually had dreams about rolling around in yarn.

If there were an adult Chuck E. Cheese for knitters, the ball pit would have balls of yarn instead of plastic balls.

And if you’re wondering what a yarngasm is, it looks something like this:

Hooray for my new, awesome LYS (Local Yarn Store)!!

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Wacky Wednesday: The Nosiest Neighbor

She drives me crazy!  She has to know what everyone is doing at all times.  “Where are the neighbors going?” ” Who just pulled up?”  “Stray Cat!  I’ll kill it!  Lemme at ’em!”  “SQUIRREL!”  And they said pugs are quiet…. All I want to know is who are “they?”  Because “they” were wrong!

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Wacky Wednesday- Babywearing?

I saw a Dr. Suess book with this title in a bookstore yesterday, and I thought it would be much funner than Wordless Wednesday.  I have a hobby of taking pictures of crazy things.  They’re fun to share but sometimes they need to be explained a bit.  Here’s my first post, my DH practicing babywearing while I was still pregnant.  Bodie (the pug) enjoyed it so much, she didn’t want to get out.  We sure love our first baby!


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