What’s in a name

I learned to knit in the summer of 05 out of extreme boredom.  For the first time in my life I had moved not only away from my hometown, but across the country, following my husband as he went through training for the USAF.  I had always been interested in creating something out of nothing and knitting had always appealed to me.

I taught myself with a pamphlet from Hobby Lobby and some acrylic needles and yarn.  I learned in an evening, but it moved too slowly for me.  I needed instant gratification.  I ended up buying a knitting loom and making hats for everyone for the Holidays.  But there are only so many hats I could make.

A few years later I came across a book at the bookstore called “Stitch ‘N Bitch.”  I loved the sassiness of the book, and it was incredibly educational.  The projects in it were so cute and spunky and immediatley I picked up my needles for a second attempt.  As much as I wanted it, something wasn’t right.  My stitches were slanted and they didn’t look pretty like the ones in the book.  So again, I retired my needles.

When I was pregnant my nesting instinct took over.  I needed to find an outlet and first it was cloth diapering.  I obsessed over the info and online websites.  Finally I decided what to buy but my nesting instinct was still driving me mad.  When I learned about using wool covers with diapers, once more I tried my hand at knitting. 

I came across “Itty Bitty Nursery” by Susan B. Anderson and I knew knitting was for me.  The amazing knits in this book captivated me.   First I attempted the Ruffled Baby Blanket because no shaping was involved.  But something was wrong and my stitches were still slanted!

So I put this project into hibernation and attempted the Ottobre Soaker.  But my stitches were sloppy and slanted and I was angry about it.  I’m not sure how, but I stumbled upon the Adaptation pattern by Connie Stultz.  This is a fantastic soaker pattern and in the blog post she linked to Knittinghelp.com.  This website is so amazing!  I had taught myself to knit from a pamphlet with no help, and without seeing how the knit stitch was made.  This website has loads of movie clips of someone actually knitting. 

After watching one clip, I realized I was knitting wrong.  I was knitting through the back loops instead of the front.  This is an actual technique for decorative stitches, but mine were just all out sloppy and slanted.  When I corrected the problem, suddenly a new me was born.

I was so excited when I knit up my first swatch.  I ran to my husband and said “Look at my pretty little knit stitches!”  My excitement about overcoming this problem stuck with me, and my life has never been the same since.  Now there was nothing I couldn’t knit.

Soon I was making hats, soakers, baby sweaters, socks, lace, cables, toys, and even crocheting a bit too.  Fixing my mistake after so many years has been so liberating and knitting has now become an obsession of mine.  I live to knit and I pick up my current WIP whenever I can find the time.

I hope everyone enjoys reading about my “pretty little knit stitches!”


2 responses to “What’s in a name

  1. Cathy Beil

    I loved your website and was wondering if you have the pattern for the sweater and booties shown at the top of your page. It is a cute pattern and I would love to make it for my grandchildren.
    Thanks for any assistance,

    • Hi Cathy! Thank you for the comment! The sweater set in the header is called the “Pure and Sweet Layette Set” from Susan B. Anderson’s book, Itty Bitty Nursery.

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